Yoga, for every body.

Based in West Palm Beach, Kate McCabe teaches a variety of vinyasa and hatha style yoga classes throughout the South Florida area and beyond. She is known for creating a multifaceted yoga experience, weaving together creative sequences with meditation, breath work, good music, and spiritual philosophy. Kate strives to maintain an element of balance in all classes that she teaches - a little yin here, a little yang there. Her classes are energizing yet restorative, challenging yet meditative, grounding yet expansive, and accessible to all.  

"For me, yoga is so much more than a physical practice. 

Yoga is a vehicle for clearing away everything that blocks me from living my happiest, most authentic life. Through the practice of yoga, I am able to move past all that clouds my vision - the stress, frustration, drama, jealously, resistance - and see clearly what matters most. Like wiping a foggy mirror clean. Time and time again, no matter what may be going on in my life, yoga brings me back home to myself. I teach yoga with the hope that my students will also experience themselves in this deeply authentic way."


PRIVATE YOGA | In addition to her weekly public teaching schedule (see above), Kate meets with students individually and in small groups. Private and semi-private yoga classes allow you the opportunity to ask questions, work towards specific goals, and receive one-on-one guidance + care. Whether you are healing from an injury or illness, looking to deepen and advance your personal practice, gain specific tools + insights, or just prefer to practice in a more intimate environment, private yoga sessions offer a rich, personalized experience unlike any other.

75 minutes | $150. To book a session, click here.

YOGA EVENTS + WORKSHOPS | Kate works with individuals, studios, organizations, and businesses to create personalized yoga classes, events, and workshops for groups, parties, corporate events, and gatherings.

For specifics or to book an event, click here.