Kate is a gifted, soulful, and unique teacher. Her classes are authentic, nurturing, uplifting, and filled with healing. I feel so very fortunate to have her guidance in my life. - Joanne | West Palm Beach, FL

Kate is one of my favorite yoga teachers ever. When you are in her class - whether you are 16 or 116, a long time yogi or a complete newbie - her gentle voice and encouraging teaching style will cater to your individual needs. I find her classes challenging in a way that I can control to my own desire. I always feel like I am experiencing a private session, even in her classes that are filled. She has helped me tremendously in using breathwork and yoga to connect my body and mind. Her teachings have helped me face anxieties and find the best version of myself. I strongly recommend Kate to guide your yoga practice!!! - Rachel | Jupiter, FL

Kate teaches her yoga classes with intuition, and invites each of her students to explore their authentic and true self. Kate has such a calm and soothing voice when teaching her classes, which makes them flow so effortlessly. Her radiant smile and friendliness are so authentic, and being around her is always such a pleasure. - Sandra |  Jupiter, FL

Kate possesses wisdom and skill beyond her years, whether in a class or workshop. Her verbal cues, melodic voice, choice of music, physical sequences, and encouraging smiles all flow beautifully in each and every class. Not to mention, the thoughtful touch of her signature chilled essential oil towels during savasana. - Maria | Jupiter, FL

Kate is an amazing young lady. She radiates warmth and bight light, and is an inspiration for individuals young and old. - Ellen | Jupiter, FL