The Solful Guide to Fast Food


It feels like everyone is squeezing in the last of their summer travel these next few weeks, and I've been receiving an influx of travel and food related questions. So! Channeling this little nudge from the Universe as an opportunity to share some of my personal tips + recipes for creating a wholesome 'fast food' experience while traveling, or simply running around town all day. 


All good things require a little prep work. Set aside a bit of time before you depart to gather and prepare a medley of snacks and meals. It truly is the easiest, healthiest option. And though it sounds obvious, so many of us fail to prepare in this way for travel, and then end up feeling frustrated and hungry. Nothing you find at the airport or on-the-road (even 'healthy' options) will measure up to what you can create in your own kitchen. I find that the moment I start traveling (whether by plane or car), my mind diverts to food, and the only real way to ensure I don't mindlessly indulge in shitty food is to stay full and satisfied with the good stuff. Go-to favorites of mine include chia pudding, avocado chocolate mousse, energy bites, sprouted nuts and seeds, washed and prepped fruits and vegetables, and hummus. All can be made and prepped the day before, carried on a plane, and stay fresh throughout the day.


When I'm unable to prepare larger meals and snacks beforehand, and find myself at an airport or gas station in need of something substantial, I gather the most basic foods I can spot. Raw nuts and seeds are typically a pretty easy find, followed by a piece of fresh fruit. Referring back to travel tip number one, these options more often than not prove less nutritious than the proteins and fruits I keep at home (sprouted, organic, non-gmo, etc.), but make good stand-ins in a pinch. In way of beverages, opt only for spring water, unsweetened teas, unsweetened coconut water, and low-sugar kombucha. If you spot them, there are a few okay-once-in-a-while energy bars I recommend: Shanti Bars (the only ones I personally eat), Rx Bars, and Squarebars - though sometimes it makes more sense to buy these ahead of time and bring along.


Know that with traveling comes some degree of loss of control over what we're eating, so plan accordingly with ultra-nourishing supplements and dietary add-ins. I never leave home without an alkalizing green powder of some sort (because getting enough daily greens can be a struggle), an arsenal of adaptogenic herbs and tinctures for nervous system (i.e. energy, mood, and sleep) support, digestive bitters for any bouts of upset within that realm, thieves + citrus essential oils for immune support, and a medley of herbal teas for in-flight steeping. A few of my many favorites include this green powder for alkalinity, this herbal tincture for immune support, this tonic herb blend and ashwagandha for a nourished nervous system, and these digestive bitters for tummy support (for which you can use code UMBA17_MCCABE for 30% off and free shipping). Most of these can be added to bottles of water, coffee/tea, or straight into your mouth of easy, on-the-go consumption. You'll want to be sure you drink obscene amounts of water, to support the detoxification system and flush out anything less-than-ideal that you've consumed. All in all, I find these little boosters to keep my health afloat, even when my sleep schedule and diet have turned upside down. 


By far the most esoteric tip of them all, but one I quite love. I'm not sure where I first learned this ritual, but it has become a daily habit that I rely on. Especially during times of travel or indulgence. Before consuming anything, I say a quick prayer/blessing over it. Basically asking the Universe to allow this food or drink to nourish my body and mind and to elevate my health in some way. I believe that even junky foods, once blessed, and if consumed with intention, will nourish + fuel our systems. On that same note, our digestive system is intimately connected to our emotions, so what is eaten during moments of stress, guilt, shame, and upset will almost always be improperly digested. 


The Solful Guide to Holiday Travel

Chances are, you’re jetting off somewhere soon for the holidays (or perhaps a much-needed post-holiday vacay). And while I love a good trip no matter how near or far, it’s no secret that traveling can take a serious toll on mental and physical health. Between the germ exposure, crappy food, changes in climate, and jet lag, getting from point A to point B can leave us looking + feeling less than fabulous.

I’ve experienced my fair share of travel-induced digestive issues, skin breakouts, and exhaustion - and over the years have picked up a few tips, tricks, and some amazing go-to products to lessen the physical and emotional stresses of traveling. Below, find my absolute must-haves for looking and feeling your very best while jet-setting this holiday season (and beyond).

Lip ConditionerLow humidity and stale, dry air make lip balm on planes a must, and H is For Love’s variation is by far my current favorite. The blend of macadamia nut oil, natural butters, and pomegranate seed oil creates a velvety soft, deeply nourishing conditioner that will transform even the driest winter lips. It also doubles as the perfect primer before applying lipstick. I carry this multi-purpose balm with me everywhere I go. 

Thieves Oil: Thieves oil is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils that provides powerful immune-system support. The immune system goes under attack during travel (especially winter travel), and if there’s one thing that’s worse than being sick, it’s being sick while traveling. Before, during, and after a trip, I place a drop on the soles of my feet and pulse points to keep my system elevated and strong.

Uma Pure Energy Wellness OilI absolutely love and use all of Uma’s Wellness Oils (calm, rest, bliss, and gorgeous) but the Pure Energy is a clear standout when it comes to fighting jetlag. This highly specific blend of organic oils is designed to stimulate and energize the mind (sans caffeine) while easing symptoms of stress and fatigue. Not only are you instantly awakened, but this Ayurvedic oil blend leaves you feeling clear-headed, centered, and ready to deal with whatever craziness gets thrown your way.  

Sakara Detox Bars: Those of you who know me know I’m never without Sakara something, and traveling is certainly no exception. I’m a huge fan of their Detox Bars, made with only high quality, plant based ingredients designed to support (you guessed it) detoxification. They contain activated charcoal, which binds to toxins within the body and escorts them out - ensuring that they don’t interfere with organ function, hormone function, or get stored away as fat cells. Without knowing it, we accumulate a lot of toxic build up in our systems while traveling, so it’s essential that we support and nourish our liver as it works to rid our bodies of the junk. Plus, they’re delicious and make for the perfect grab-and-go snack in between meals.  

Superfood Greens Powder: Chances are, your travel and/or vacation diet differs vastly from your day-to-day food choices. More alcohol, more sugar, more processed foods, and less greens. While I am diligent about getting at least 4-6 cups of fresh greens daily, sometimes it’s just not possible, and that’s okay. To keep my immune system, digestive tract, cognitive function, skin health, and endocrine system balanced while traveling, I add a packet of these powdered greens to either my morning smoothie or a glass of water. 

Rosewater + Glycerin Facial Spray: Possibly my favorite beauty and skincare product ever, a few spritzs of this vibrationally aligned (no but actually, they magnetize the water) rosewater blend has my skin feeling brand new. The rosewater replenishes lost moisture, soothes irritation, and keeps skin looking radiant and dewy, while the glycerin works to seal all that hydration and goodness in. It’s an essential part of my daily skincare routine, and is especially helpful while traveling. Spritz your face with it during and immediately after a flight for an instant hydrated glow.

Magnesium Powder: Magnesium is often referred to as the relaxation mineral. It’s super critical for overall cognitive, emotional, and physical health - deficiencies are linked to anxiety, depression, inability to focus, insomnia, and hypertension. When our bodies experience stress (say, from a full day of flying with little sleep and even less wholesome foods…), magnesium is lost, making it especially important to supplement when traveling. It also supports healthy digestion and elimination. Magnesium is something I include in my normal evening routine so I always travel with the full-sized container, but it comes in handy single-serving travel packets as well. Magnesium is a known treatment for insomnia so I recommend taking it before bed or during a long flight - simply mix the powder into a glass of water and drink up for an almost instantaneous feeling of calm.

Probiotics: The biggest complaint I hear from frequent-flying clients is the digestive upset that traveling can cause. Our bodies love routine, and for most of us all sense of consistency is lost while traveling - we’re eating weird foods at weird times, our normal sleep and wake cycles are disturbed, we’re dehydrated, and probably at least a little stressed. All of this translates to inflammation within the body, and your digestive system is likely suffering big time. Which is why I never leave home without probiotics. A high-quality probiotic makes an enormous difference on not just our digestive systems, but also the immune system, our moods, sleep regulation, and the clarity of our skin. The beneficial bacteria found in probiotics keep everything on track internally, even as things get turned upside down externally. 

Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes: These gentle, chemical- and fragrance-free wipes are perfect for impromptu facial cleansing mid-flight. They remove the gross stuff (makeup, oil, dirt, sweat) without stripping you of the good stuff, leaving your skin feeling clean, soft, and hydrated. I also swear by them post-workout. 

Ashwagandha Tinture: Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that helps our bodies offset and adapt to stress, and it’s the real deal. Among a few other herbs, ashwagandha has played a huge role in my recovery from adrenal fatigue + anxiety. Even if you aren’t dealing with these specific issues, it’s an ideal supplement to incorporate when exposing yourself to stress. It works to balance the system physiologically, balancing our hormones, mental health, digestion, sleep cycles, and moods.

Farmacy Soothing Coconut Gel MasksThese pre-packaged sheet masks feel like heaven on dull, dry, post-flight skin. Coconut gel leaves skin looking and feeling really soft, radiant, and glowy while mineral-rich kale extract (yep) soothes and balances any redness or irritation. I especially love using them before a big night out to give my skin a fresh, dewy glow. 

Bodha Grounding Ritual Incense: Bodha's organic smokeless incense is the perfect travel companion for keeping calm, connected, and centered. The earthy mix of cypress, cedarwood, and bergamot create a deeply grounding scent that will help keep your feet on the ground no matter where you jet off to. A long day of traveling often leaves me feeling disconnected and all over the place mentally, so burning a bit of this helps to immediately combat feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and jet lag.