SOL SISTER | Lauren Spencer King


I recently dove into the very healing, revealing, and humbling practice that is breath work. What a wild ride, truly. Who knew something so (seemingly) simple could create such profound shifts and revelations? I didn't. But my teacher, Lauren Spencer King of Fields of Study, did. Though I have yet to meet Lauren face-to-face (soon, though, I am sure!), I felt immediately struck by her energy (albeit via virtual means). In a time when the collective vibes feels endlessly frantic, Lauren offers a deeply grounded, almost ancestral energy that permeates into her work as a meditation + breath work teacher and artist. She truly embodies what I find to be the ultimate modern wellness woman - drawing upon the wisdom of the past but firmly rooted in the magic of today, with a steadfast commitment to serving the at-present community.

I had the privilege of chatting with Lauren on the topics of wellness, inspiration, and breath, and am so grateful to share a bit of her wisdom here with all of you. If you find yourself in L.A., she's consistently offering classes, workshops, and sessions in that community, as well as virtual sessions and workshops - which come highly recommended. 

Who are you, and what is it you do?

I am an artist and I teach meditation in Los Angeles. 

Walk us through the journey that led you into breath work, and ultimately the creation of Fields of Study.

Some years back, after teaching meditation for a few years, I was longing for an alternative to what I was seeing in the ways of spiritual teachings and meditation work, both in approach and aesthetic. I wanted to support people and teach them tools they could use in their everyday life, while also creating a container for all the things I was interested in and all the things that I brought into my own spiritual practice, which I feel I am always shaping and discovering. Something that would allow for a deep conversation that also had breadth, and was based in everyday life and could be accessible. Something that could be malleable and evolve as I did. And Fields of Study was born. I originally wanted to open up a non-profit space that would be like a modern day community center with classes and workshops for the community, as well as a little shop and a residency space. And someday this might happen. But for now it’s just me - working to change the world, one person at a time. I say this with some humor, but it’s also a very real desire to be in service and help instigate change.

The name Fields of Study seemed to fit my sensibility, approach and philosophy. It references the importance of learning. Drawing inspiration from a variety of different fields and histories, both ancient and modern. The word field refers to an electric or magnetic field, which is the energy that moves around an object. And a field when seeds can be planted and harvested. It’s also a reference to a particular group of Abstract Expressionist painters called “the color field painters”. And that’s really what Fields of Study is evolving into - material, inspiration, teachings, tools that come from different times and places that all exist around a life of awareness and growth. 

It has been interesting to live in LA during a time where there is a resurgence, emphasis and desire of a more connected, natural and aware way of living. For the most part, it does seem to be a new version of what was happening in LA in the 70’s, kind of a second wave spiritual movement with it’s flower power mantra rooted in that time. But, I am more interested in gleaning inspiration from a kind of spiritualism that dates further back, like the Egyptians who were more interested in it from a theological perspective, or the Victorian era whose spiritual life was all about the influence of new technology. Something that isn’t just a resurrection, but a combination of things that could possibly create something new that hasn’t existed before. 

How has the practice of breathwork inspired and affected the other realms of your life?

I think it’s the other way around for me. I feel like the breathwork is inspired by all other realms of my life. I am always bringing in scientific discoveries, poems, art, movement based on the four elements, experiences I am having, and bits of interviews with interesting people into my Sunday night classes and private sessions. And teaching and working one-on-one with people is also a balance to my other realm of being an artist, which is a very solitary life. It’s nice to have opportunities to connect with other people. 

What are a few of your personal favorite wellness rituals or daily ceremonies?

I’m doing an intense Ayurvedic cleanse right now. So a lot of my daily rituals are around that. Cooking every meal. Abhyanga massage with basil oil. Dry brushing. Oil pulling. I also love swimming laps when I can. It’s like a meditation with movement. 

Working as a healer, how do you maintain your internal equilibrium while at the same time holding space for others to release, heal, vent, etc?

This is a muscle I am always strengthening. A few years ago I was working as a grief counselor for kids. I loved this work so much, it was challenging and so fulfilling. This is where I learned the most about holding space and what that really means, to listen and support while not taking any of it on. I realized that if I started to get emotional listening to a child and watching them tear up was making me tear up, I was robbing them of their own experience. It doesn’t mean holding my emotion in or not being empathetic, but I learned that the more space you give to another person to feel what they are feeling, the deeper they go, and the more healing is possible for them. It empowers them. And it’s powerful for people to have a witness. It’s a practice for me. But the moment I really got it was realizing that I wasn’t allowing the other person the full experience that they were entitled to have if I was taking even an ounce of their emotion on. 

The other thing I have learned over time is the more I am connected to my own body, the more grounded I am, and the easier it is for me to hold space for another person if they are very emotional. Years ago I was so disconnected from my body without knowing it, but feeling everything everyone else was feeling. It was so intense and ungrounding, always at the mercy of everyone else's emotional life. I thought because I was feeling so much and had such strong intuition that I was more connected to myself. Wrong. Through years of work I have a new understanding and connection to my own body and I can still use that intuition and sensitivity and read what I am feeling as something I am picking up on from another person to help them, but not as my own. 

What is your personal approach to food (eating it, making it, sharing it, etc.)?

As I mentioned, I am doing an Ayurvedic cleanse right now, so my eating has been very strict. I have been cooking every meal, which I have never done before. I have enjoyed making everything from scratch and spending more time preparing what I eat. I finally understand the ritual that can come from preparing food and it has bonded me more to my kitchen.

I have a dear friend who lives across the courtyard from me with her husband and little girl. I always drop off little jars of beet hummus, a few almond cookies, or whatever I have made to share with them. I never fully follow a recipe, cooking is more intuitive and creative for me. So sharing always feels a bit risky! Ha! But, I do love to share. In return she leaves me lemons, grapefruit, and herbs from the garden.

What role does movement play in your life + health?

I think I have a suppressed dancer living inside my body. I always wish I had a secret life as a dancer. I have struggled over the years with having enough energy, and am always having to walk a fine line of not pushing myself too much but also not giving into a kind of stagnation. I think movement is really important because it connects us to our bodies, and most of us are so disconnected from them without realizing it. Our bodies are so wise. I know I always feel better and more whole when movement is a part of my life.

How do you keep yourself feeling inspired and creatively fulfilled?

Inspiration and fulfillment are never an issue. The problem I run into is having enough time to work on everything I want to make. I always wish I had more time in the studio. But I manage to get in there 2-4 days a week. I love going to museums, and seeing shows. Even if I see things I don’t like, it inspires me to get in the studio and make something I want to look at and live with. 

A few favorite indulgences: 

Raw chocolate that is way too expensive, movies from the late 80’s / early 90’s, and naps when I need them.

A few favorite books:

The Golden Bough: A Study of Magic and Religion by James George Frazer

The Mother of All Questions by Rebecca Solnit

A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis

The Hearing Trumpet by Leanora Carrington

She by Robert A. Johnson

Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

What is a standout piece of advice you received that helped shape who you are as a female entrepreneur?

It was actually something a teacher said to me in grad school before I was going into my thesis review. He could tell I was nervous about fielding questions and defending certain things about my work that some teachers were notorious for giving me a hard time about, and he said, “Insist that this is Lauren’s point of view”. It has really stuck with me. And it’s something I try to instill in everything I create and do in the world. This is my point of view, plain and simple. It’s not about trends, or people liking me, or getting attention. I’m just doing my work, work that is meaningful and fulfilling for me.

I also feel so lucky to have so many women in my LA community who are working for themselves and running amazing businesses, and I feel lucky to call them friends. Friends who have been generous and really supportive of what I am doing. I think a lot about Jesse Kamm and how she has grown her brand slowly over time. I admire her work ethic, her integrity, and how she always stays true to her point of view. We might all covet and wear her Kamm pants, but they are born out of and support a way of life that is all her own. In that way, I think she is selling more than just a product, but also providing people with a philosophy of living. She is the original. I love that. 

All images by Claire Cottrell, c/o Lauren Spencer King.

To connect with Lauren and explore her offerings, head to her websites (breath work + meditation and artistic endeavors, respectably) and Instagram


SOL SISTER | Jules Aron


Thrilled to be introducing my sweet, talented, endlessly creative friend today, Jules Aron. Many of you may already be familiar with her books, Zen and Tonic (the ultimate guide in way of healthy cocktail crafting) and (newly-released and my current favorite kitchen companion) Vegan Cheese. Jules is a force. A NYC-bartender turned health coach turned best-selling author, by whom I find myself infinitely inspired. I know you'll too be soon swooning over her divine creations and ample lifestyle wisdom. 

True to form, Jules was generous enough to gift me copies of each of her books to giveaway (!) to one of you. Head over to my Instagram here to enter. The winner will be chosen at random Monday evening (6/26).

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Jules Aron, and I’m a holistic wellness coach and the author of Zen and Tonic: Fresh and Savory Cocktails for the Enlightened Drinker and the newly released Vegan Cheese: Simple, Delicious Plant-Based Recipes.

Walk us through your journey that led you in wellness and writing, and ultimately the creation of your brand and business?

For years, I struggled to discover my path. I explored many professional avenues without success. Drawn to ancient healing modalities, I began studying yoga, ayurveda, martial arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and holistic nutrition. As I began transforming my physical and emotional wellbeing, I found more clarity in all aspects of my life. My struggles with depression and hormonal imbalances subsided and evolved into a transformative life journey and career.

What is the intention behind your work and creation?

As a certified holistic health coach, I’m deeply passionate about a wholesome lifestyle that includes delicious, nutritious foods that fuel the body, mind and spirit. My commitment to help others manifest change comes from my own personal awakening to the healing force of natural foods and conscious living.

I strongly believe that we all have the intuitive power to make the diet and lifestyle choices that serve us best. My passion is to inspire others to take small, courageous steps towards their most vibrant lives, one delicious bite at a time.

How do you embrace the elusive concept of 'balance' in your day-to-day?

As a highly sensitive empath, I tend to give much of my own energy away as well as take on others’ energies, which can bring me out of balance quite quickly. To maintain equilibrium, I limit my interactions to meaningful time with good friends and a lot of time alone, in silence. We are simply no good to others if we don’t take valuable time for ourselves.

Can you share a few of your personal favorite rituals and ceremonies for alignment and wellness?

I start and end the day with simple, meaningful rituals. In the morning I get up, stretch and have a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice, which I usually follow up with an herbal tea tonic. I love the ritual of having this nourishing warm beverage each morning while I practice stream of consciousness writing, in the form of morning pages. This writing practice helps me stay clear on how I feel from day to day and helps me make supportive adjustments that facilitate my growth and expansion.

I also make sure to do something physical each day, which can involve a practice of qigong, yoga or a brisk walk in nature. 

I enjoy ending the day by unwinding with a pot of herbal tea and a hot, steamy bath soak with mineral salts and essential oils. These simple rituals help me stay grounded in my day-to-day.

Are there specific mindset practices that help you to feel more centered, in-tune, and inspired?

I like to practice Kapalabhati breath any time I need a pick-me-up. This deep diaphragmatic breathing brings increased amounts of oxygen into the body and helps me feel instantly energized. To practice, simply use your abdominal muscles to pull the belly in, and then force the air out through the nose in repeated short exhalations. 

Five things you can't live without:

  1. Tea: I love tea. Every kind of tea. Nothing beats a warm cup of cozy.
  2. Salt Water: Whether it’s a dip in the ocean or an mineral bath soak, there’s simply no better cure.
  3. Sunshine: A delicious vitamin D sunbath is everything.
  4. Raw Cacao: Nourishing on every level.
  5. Love and Connection: The deep, soulful bond that makes life worth living.

Your food philosophy:

What works for one person might not work for another and what works for you today, might not work for you tomorrow. It’s important to stay flexible in your food and lifestyle choices and develop an intuitive understanding of how foods and practices make you feel.  

A simple plant-based, whole foods diet, a mindful and intentional lifestyle, a grateful outlook and 8 hours of beauty sleep work best for me.

What is a standout piece of advice you received that helped shape who you are as a female entrepreneur? 

Getting very clear about what you want in life and being mindful of self-sabotaging thoughts and habits that might stand in your way. With the right focus and energy on what you want and love, you’ll be unstoppable.

All photos credited to Francesca Coviello.

You can connect with Jules on her site and Instagram, and shop her books here and here. And be sure to enter our giveaway of Jules' must-have book collection here.


SOL SISTER | Allison Walton


When I chose to let go of my nutritional coaching practice earlier this year, I was met with the same question over and over again: "Is there someone else you recommend I work with?" YES, there is. And it's Allison Walton. Today, I am so excited to share more about this lovely, talented, deeply knowledge lady with whom I'm lucky enough to be friends.  

As a women's health specialist, health coach, yoga teacher, wellness writer, recipe developer, and workshop + retreat leader, Allison is a true wellness Renassaince woman (not unlike myself, I suppose ;).This woman is also wise behind her years (as evidenced below - each and every answer had me like YAS) and a total inspiration to me. She's a total trailblazer when it comes to how we think about, talk about, and navigate woman's health and hormonal issues, and I'm constantly gaining new insights from her. Allison unapologetically owns who she is, who she isn't, and in the process liberates others to embrace their true selves as well. She offers a refreshingly grounded, honest, and relatable perspective on topics that can otherwise feel overwhelming or nauseatingly fluff-filled (like entrepreneurship, traveling while on your period, and owning where we're at today). Read on for some beautiful insight on what it really means to be balanced & be well as a modern woman.  

photo c/o allison walton

photo c/o allison walton

Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Allison, a current Richmond, VA native teaching yoga + working with women as an integrative health specialist, primarily focusing on hormonal and reproductive health. I feel that in today’s highly endocrine-disruptive society, it’s so important for women to be properly educated on menstrual health and have access to individuals like myself that can help guide them compassionately in their journey towards optimal wellbeing.

On a local level, I also co-host NOURISH Women’s Workshops (with plans to expand nationally and internationally) and am one small part / creative brains behind Boketto Wellness, a brand new wellness boutique + modern apothecary here. Self-employment comes with getting your hands wholeheartedly involved in several things, not just one (and not just from 9-5). 

What was your journey that led to the creation of & be well and your teaching/coaching practice?

My wellness platform, & be well, was the byproduct of yoga teacher training in Nosara, Costa Rica. I desired a creative outlet that allowed me to share all that I love about general wellness and mindful living in order to reach others willing to listen and absorb.

Teaching yoga and becoming a women’s health specialist both evolved from an innate desire to share wellness in intentional and tangible ways. The catalyst, however, was early-onset burnout in advertising. I struggled with bouts of depression and hormonal imbalances, which forced me to shift my lifestyle approach completely. In the process, I found that my work was meant to be more purposeful and self-fulfilling, rather than trying to climb my way up the corporate ladder. The practice of yoga helped me manage my depression and promote emotional wellbeing, while my struggle with endometriosis shaped the focus of my private consultation work as a women's health specialist. 

What is the intention behind your work + creation?

The intention of & be well will always be to inspire a conscious approach towards living well. This work has taught me the importance of transparency, vulnerability and authenticity – which aren’t always easy! I strive as much as possible to be. I create, first and foremost, for the fulfillment of my self, but equally as important, to help women all over learn how to better take care of themselves.

Do you have any personal wellness rituals or daily ceremonies you swear by?

It’s both complicated and simple. I’ve seen answers to this type of question become pretty esoteric, and I have caught myself at times trying to do too many things at once for the sake of “keeping up” with the (wellness trends of the) times. It wasn’t until my coach, Jennifer Kass, instilled in me this understanding that the real healing happens from within, as much as I may want to latch on to external experiences and objects to do that healing for me. So, my wellness rituals change frequently, depending on what I feel I need or don’t need.

For internal support, adaptogens + acupuncture are my tried and true staples. Currently, meditation and simple breathing techniques suit me because I’m finding the combination to be very calming to my nervous system yet powerful during this transitional time in my life and career.

For external support, daily oil-based facial cleansing and a little bit of nature's Vitamin D have been transformative for healthy, glowing skin. Also, not washing my hair every single day. It makes life so much easier that way, really.

photo c/o allison walton

photo c/o allison walton

Are there any specific mindset practices that help you to feel more centered, aligned, and inspired?

Surrounding myself with equally inspiring and empowering women (and men!). There is absolutely nothing that shakes my soul and inspires me more than connecting with other individuals who are curious, conscious and motivated about creating positive experiences for the community at large. And then indulging in them together.

Also, making creative things with my own two hands, and from the heart. Workshops have been so wonderful for this. There is nothing greater than giving yourself space to freely play.

What is your personal approach to food (eating it, making it, sharing it, etc.)?

Eat what makes you feel good, in that moment. And by that, I don’t mean the junky, refined foods that are temporary fixes to cravings (been there, done that), but from-the-earth, real foods that are meant to help our bodies function optimally.

As many women have and still do, I’ve struggled with my relationship with food. It wasn’t until I started experiencing wacky hormones that I learned to take my body and the food that I put in it very seriously. It has allowed me to become much more in tune with my individual, unique needs and let go of a dietary label to define me.

I make my meals as often as I can, but rely on convenience at times, especially when traveling. I'm not really one to measure exact ingredients when cooking, I mostly just throw in however much I think is good enough and will deliver on taste and nutrition. (And also this is why I don’t bake).

Working as a healer of sorts, how do you maintain your internal equilibrium while at the same time holding space for others to release, heal, vent, etc?

Anyone in the business of teaching and healing will agree, this is very hard work. We give so much of our own energy while also taking on others’ energies, so finding that balance is absolutely key. I’m still figuring out how that looks and feels for me, but I will say that solitude and quiet space after moments or days of overstimulation is extremely necessary for me. My body tells me (usually pretty bluntly) when things are out of whack, and that’s when I know to dial it down and maybe even take a complete day of rest. Personal days are luxuries.

On the other end of that, there is something truly special about holding space for others. Anything purposeful and self-fulfilling will promote internal healing, but yes, we must give that energy back to ourselves somehow.

What role does movement play in your life + health?

Movement should definitely feel desired and not forced, and for me, I prefer for it to be both intuitive and creative. I grew up a dancer, but now my version of dancing takes place on my yoga mat - fluid movement that fills a void and makes me feel damn good. I enjoy the playful nature of any practice and like the unexpected, so I attempt to provide the same for my students. Sometimes, form of movement is straight up horizontal rest.

What are five things you couldn’t (or at least, highly prefer not to) live without?

Love and partnership. The powerful bond between myself and the inspiring women in my life. Tangible, intentional experiences and opportunities to travel. The cacio e pepe from Plant Food + Wine. A good wide-leg romper. I wear them anywhere and everywhere (and they seem to get me through wedding season pretty well).

What is a standout piece of advice you received that helped shape who you are as a female entrepreneur?

Own your sensitivity - not as your weakness, but for it making you who you are.

I acquired so much guilt over the years for thinking my highly sensitive nature was my downfall, but rather than shaming myself for a trait that is a big part of me, I've learned to work with it and let it guide my work in how I teach, consult, love, live and be. (Thank you, Jennifer.)

You can connect with Allison on Instagram and her blog, as well as explore options for working with her here.


SOL SISTER | Bee Ham of H is for Love

photo c/o H is for love

photo c/o H is for love

Those of you who know me and follow along here regularly know I'm a total sucker for natural skincare and beauty. Lavishing myself in botanical oils and cleansers and creams makes me feel like a straight up goddess queen - even at the end of a hellish, way-too-long day. My morning and evening skincare routines - each spanning about 20 minutes - have become a non-negotiable part of my self-care routine for both my skin and mental wellbeing.

What you may not know is that this self-care regime and mentality was very much inspired by Bee Ham and her line of luxurious natural skincare, H is for Love. I was first introduced to Bee and H by my friend Allison, who had actually posted an interview with Bee on her blog along with a corresponding giveaway of product. As fate would have it, I was gifted what would become the only lip balm I insist on using (it's next level), and just sort of fell in love with the entire line. Each of the products feel simple yet sacred, ethereal yet deeply grounded, and luxurious in a way that invites you to elevate your day to day. 

Then you meet Bee, and it all makes sense. She's a total wealth of knowledge on all things holistic + natural, and an ethereal wellness goddess if I've ever seen one. Her story and journey are incredibly inspiring, and I am so pleased to share our recent chat with all of you here. As of late, H's NECTAR facial oil is my go-to serum for glowy, hydrated, and clear skin, finished with a spritz of the POLLEN illuminating toner. And of course, the aforementioned LIP CONDITIONER that also comes as a GLACE, tinted red by berries, roots, and flowers (I know... I can't). The ingredients are as pure, clean, and close to nature as it gets, artfully infused, distilled, and combined to deliver serious healing power. Swoon. The only thing more beautiful than these products is the intention + maker behind them. Thank you, SOL SISTER Bee for spreading your magic our way.

photo c/o h is for love

photo c/o h is for love

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Bee Ham and I’m the creator of a natural skincare line H IS FOR LOVE.

What was your journey that led to the creation of H is for Love?

A number of years ago my husband was diagnosed with an illness that the doctors said was incurable. We chose not to believe that and spent the next few years learning as much as we could about nutrition and wellness. What we learned was that toxins were everywhere, so we took that time to purge them from our lives.

We started with food, then moved to our cleaning products, the fibers in our home, and eventually to our personal care products. What I thought were natural products turned out to be what many of us now call ‘greenwashed.’ This basically means that they’re branded to seem natural, but upon further investigation, they don’t always measure up. Because my standard for purity had become so high, instead of continuing to buy skincare products made by someone else, I chose to make what I needed myself.

This happened to be right around the time I was finishing cosmetology school. While I’d been learning about toxins on my own, I had been surrounded by them in the actual “beauty” industry. I knew there had to be a better way. 

I threw out everything I was using and found myself without anything. I spent the next year experimenting and educating myself in an intensive period of learning, from the way skin works and what it needs, to what plants and oils are best suited to meet those needs across the board. H works for every skin type. The question is how much and how often.

What is the intention behind your work + creation?

One of our core philosophies is to share the freedom that comes when you rid your life of unnecessary things. The line contains only active ingredients. Every single element is there for a reason that benefits skin and enhances the experience of using our products. True wellness causes freedom; which means body, mind, and soul.

The human machine is amazingly designed, and we shouldn’t be in the dark about our health. Our hope is that there will be a domino effect that takes place when you start to think differently about self-care. Once you start down the road to this kind of freedom from toxicity and sickness, it’s hard to unlearn what you’ve learned. You might start looking at the ingredients in your food; you might start asking questions about how food, especially in the West, can be as inexpensive as it is and still be nourishing and have high standards in terms of quality. You might start noticing a difference in your overall wellness once the dots begin to connect and you make some changes. It’s wonderful! Skincare is only a piece of the puzzle - the body must be nourished from the inside out as well. The soul and spirit must be tended to. 

What role does the concept of 'balance' play in your life?

I have two very young kids, an insane workload, and an even more insane schedule. I also have a soul that needs filling and babes who need a mama that sits down on the ground and is just PRESENT. Every day I fall short of what I would have hoped in terms of my patience level both with myself and others, and of course in terms of my list of ‘things to accomplish.’

Balance is coming, though - I’m completely on for a given amount of time and then I have to be self-aware enough to know when to hit the off switch. I just started treating myself to a solo movie excursion once a week. Owning a business means working a lot of evenings, so making the choice to leave the family and the work behind and have my own thoughts, choose my own movie, zone out if I want to, just be in my own space for awhile - that’s what balance looks like in my life right now. I imagine it will continue to evolve as I need more relaxation and rest to pull the tension from the busyness of life back into balance.

Do you have any personal wellness rituals or daily ceremonies you swear by?

I basically live for my morning beverage. I mix raw milk and grass-fed butter, mineral salt, coconut butter and oil, organic vanilla extract, grass-fed collagen peptides, raw cacao, ashwagandha, chlorophyll, reishi, cordyceps, astragalus, bee pollen, and maybe a few other things. I make the dry mix a month in advance and just scoop it into my blender with gently warmed raw milk and voila! Dessert for breakfast.

photo c/o h is for love

photo c/o h is for love

Are there any specific mindset practices that help you to feel more centered, aligned, and inspired?

The only thing that has ever helped me is prayer. Praying to my creator and just asking for grace both for myself, and for me to give to others; that’s what keeps me grateful and gracious.

What are five things you couldn’t (or at least, highly prefer not to) live without?

RAPHA, chocolate, POLLEN, tacos, 100% Lithuanian linen - everywhere for all things, linen. 

Are there any holistic lifestyle and/or dietary practices you try to live by?

I try to learn something new every day about herbs and their healing benefits. I believe in whole food supplements, so I drink a lot of raw greens powder, take immune boosting tinctures, a lot of herbal decoctions full of minerals and vitamins; nettles, liposomal vitamin C, homemade elderberry syrup, etc.

Rosemary Gladstar’s recipe for raw local honey with onions and garlic has been a regular. I believe each home should have someone with herbal knowledge to help keep the family well and shorten duration of sickness. Health and healing are right outside our door, we just have to learn a little about nature.

What is a standout piece of advice you received that helped shape who you are as a female entrepreneur?

I used to frequent a really chic vegetarian restaurant for years. The owner was this beautiful and super talented woman named Sylvia. In the last couple of years I’ve started working with her in another business she owns. Shortly before I launched H we went to coffee and I shared with her that I was worried I didn’t know what I was doing. She told me a story: years before, when she opened her restaurant and on the very day of the grand opening, her friend and business partner (who was the chef) came out of the kitchen in a panic, grabbed Sylvia and said “I don’t know what I’m doing! I’m not a cook I don’t know how to cook! We can’t open a restaurant!” I mean, if that isn’t the epitome of how it feels when you first open your doors as a new business, I don’t know what is! The comic relief was exactly what I needed. Sylvia looked at me and said “You may not know in the beginning of the day, but by the end of each day you will have figured it out.” Best advice ever.

You can connect with Bee and shop the H is for Love line at their Instagram and online shop.