Solful Libations: Detox Water Cocktail

'Tis the season for attending and hosting parties. As long as I can remember, I've loved being a hostess. Growing up, my mother was (and still is) the ultimate hostess - as a professional chef, baker, and interior stylist, she just has an innate sense + ability for creating warm, welcoming, and festive gatherings. I like to think I picked up on some of these qualities myself, as I love nothing more than hosting gatherings, big or small, casual or elevated. Even as a college student, I was constantly hosting parties and get togethers with my roommates ('kegs and eggs' brunch party, anyone?).

However, being that I currently share a tiny one bedroom in the city with my boyfriend and 3 pets, inviting friends over for dinner and drinks isn't totally feasible. Yet even if you are spacially challenged like myself, that's no excuse not throw a party with friends to celebrate the holidays, a birthday, or nothing in particular at all. For that reason, I love finding a good restaurant or space that feels like home to throw a party in. 

If you're local to South Florida, one such space I recently discovered is Salute Market. It's part specialty goods market (think hand-blown decantors, thoughtfully sourced wines, and finishing salts), part wine + craft cocktail bar, part restaurant. I styled a recent shoot for the Salute Market team (shot by Coco Prop Shop + desgined by Lux Lara), and was able to get hands on with a lot of their seasonal dishes and cocktails. I was totally impressed with everything. But when the bartender handed me their signature Detox Water cocktail, you can imagine my interest piqued big time.

he way I eat and prepare food is very much rooted in a back-to-basics, less is more mentality. Above all, I preach a whole and real foods diet. Ideally, also organic and locally sourced. If we put so much thought and care into the foods we eat, why should our beverage choices be any different?

Because real talk, I love a good cocktail. What I don't love are the encodrine-disrupters, pesticides, preservatives, addictives, and refined sugars that most cocktails contain. Seriously, just the thought of all that is enough to keep me sober. But Salute's Detox Water cocktail recipe is as clean as it gets.

Using only whole food ingredients, Crop Organic vodka (my new favorite barcart addition, which you can actually purchase in Salute's market), and good old h20, this coktail is the epitome of a solful libation. You can catch me serving + sipping on this mix all party season long. 

All images shot by Coco Prop Shop and styled by me.


Makes 1 drink