SOL FOOD is a weekly series detailing all the people, places, spaces, reads, objects, and foods that are inspiring, supporting, and fueling my journey at the moment. This short + sweet series was created in response to the enormous list of topics I never get the chance to post about and share with you all. Stop by every Friday for an easy-to-digest dose of inspiration.

The supplement I've been taking for powerful immune and nervous system support. Like the reishi powder you've been adding to your smoothies, but 70x more potent. 

One of my favorite breath work techniques having a much-deserved moment in the press. 

For those of you who reached out after watching my Instagram story: this is the liquid chlorophyll I use and recommend. 

After hearing tons of buzz about it, I finally ordered this face mask and used for the first time last night. Holy wow. My skin has never looked more lustrous. Followed by my longtime favorite serum for clear, inflammation-free skin.

Recently stumbled upon this chic, minimalist, and ethical clothing line and I'm coveting nearly every piece of the collection

Packaged soup that is incredibly clean ingredient-wise, lick-the-bowl-clean delicious, and so impossibly French. Swoon. Found this at my local Fresh Market.

A mineral that, when placed in hot bath water, promises to be more beneficial and detoxifying than an infrared sauna.

An insightful podcast featuring one of my favorite people. A must for anyone interested in wellness.

OBSESSING over this line of unsweetened sparkling teas. 

A candid, no bullshit essay on why you still haven't manifested wealth, and how you can.