Sacred Scents

photo by Francesca Dunham

photo by Francesca Dunham

The use of sacred, vibration-shifting scents has long been a cornerstone of spiritual practice + ritual in indigenous cultures, and a beloved part of my own life. Burning medicinal botanicals and wafting their scent and smoke throughout your physical space not only lends a lovely, grounding scent but also works to clear, attract, and transform the energy of your environment. (More so, science has even found these sacred, medicinal scents to eliminate airborne pathogens.) 

This practice, known as smudging, is one that has the opportunity to be super intuitive, ritualistic, and powerful. Especially when performed with intention and a desire to connect back to one's inner self. Because each scent carries it's own vibration, the properties and purposes of each vary. For that reason, I always keep these three medicinal botanicals on hand, so as to allow my intuition to guide me towards which one my space and spirit are most in need of.

Smugding is an incredibly simple way to make a powerful, positive impact on your space and spirit, and I encourage you to experiment with scared scents in your own life and spiritual practice. 

SAGE | A plant with incredibly purifying and cleansing properties. It's most apt use is to clear out unwanted or stagnant energy. I love lighting sage in the evening as a way to let go of and clear out the energy of the day. Whenever I move to a new home, spend the night in a hotel or new space, and enter into/depart from a situation that feels negative, I smudge sage. I sage my entire home weekly. It's always important to crack open windows and doors when saging a space, so as to allow the old energy to be carried away with the smoke. Simply light your sage bundle, creating a sizable flame, and blow out gently until it begins smoking. Sage your physical space (getting into all the weird little spaces - closets, under the bed, etc.) and the outline of your body, relighting as needed. 

SWEETGRASSTrue to it's name, sweetgrass has a sweet, pleasant aroma when burned, serving as a reminder of Mother Nature's sweet, gentle, and kind spirit. It lends a calming energy and helps to purify the spirit while calling in a sacred presence. I love lighting sweetgrass in the morning, wafting it's sweet scent as I prepare for the day, and before meditation or yoga practice. 

PALO SANTO | Sustainably salvaged from only the fallen branches of the mystical, spiritually-revered Palo Santo tree, this  "holy wood" creates a beautifully grounding scent when smudged. The energy of palo santo is one of attraction and drawing in of positivity. It facilitates a deeper connection with Source, elevates creativity, and uplifts the energy of a space or individual. Another scent I use in the morning and before meditation, and that I especially love when I need an emotional lift. 

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