photo by  francesca dunham

SOL FOOD is a bi-monthly series detailing all the people, places, spaces, reads, objects, and foods that are inspiring, supporting, and fueling my journey at the moment. This short + sweet series was created in response to the enormous list of topics I never get the chance to post about and share with you all. Stop by every other Friday for an easy-to-digest dose of inspiration.

For those of us who are white and want to better understand racism, it's impact on our brothers and sisters of color, and ultimately what we can do to create real change: this. From that list, I just ordered this, this, and this because an informed, thoughtful, and action-driven conversation about creating true equality needs to continue. 

On that same note, this piece really inspired me and is one I think all white woman should read.

Coveting this just-released wellness formula, because you all know how much I love my CBD oil.

And if Vogue is talking about it, you know cannabis has officially become chic

So excited to try these flower remedies by goddess Alexis Smart. More on this to come soon.

Probably the dreamiest sandals I've ever seen. 

I can't remember the last time I ate a sandwich but oh my god this recipe is mouthwatering and I'm dead set on recreating it.

Also planning to recreate this ice cream recipe (for obvious reasons). 

A very interesting, informative piece on the adrenal fatigue myth and what is actually at play.