The Solful Guide to Fast Food


It feels like everyone is squeezing in the last of their summer travel these next few weeks, and I've been receiving an influx of travel and food related questions. So! Channeling this little nudge from the Universe as an opportunity to share some of my personal tips + recipes for creating a wholesome 'fast food' experience while traveling, or simply running around town all day. 


All good things require a little prep work. Set aside a bit of time before you depart to gather and prepare a medley of snacks and meals. It truly is the easiest, healthiest option. And though it sounds obvious, so many of us fail to prepare in this way for travel, and then end up feeling frustrated and hungry. Nothing you find at the airport or on-the-road (even 'healthy' options) will measure up to what you can create in your own kitchen. I find that the moment I start traveling (whether by plane or car), my mind diverts to food, and the only real way to ensure I don't mindlessly indulge in shitty food is to stay full and satisfied with the good stuff. Go-to favorites of mine include chia pudding, avocado chocolate mousse, energy bites, sprouted nuts and seeds, washed and prepped fruits and vegetables, and hummus. All can be made and prepped the day before, carried on a plane, and stay fresh throughout the day.


When I'm unable to prepare larger meals and snacks beforehand, and find myself at an airport or gas station in need of something substantial, I gather the most basic foods I can spot. Raw nuts and seeds are typically a pretty easy find, followed by a piece of fresh fruit. Referring back to travel tip number one, these options more often than not prove less nutritious than the proteins and fruits I keep at home (sprouted, organic, non-gmo, etc.), but make good stand-ins in a pinch. In way of beverages, opt only for spring water, unsweetened teas, unsweetened coconut water, and low-sugar kombucha. If you spot them, there are a few okay-once-in-a-while energy bars I recommend: Shanti Bars (the only ones I personally eat), Rx Bars, and Squarebars - though sometimes it makes more sense to buy these ahead of time and bring along.


Know that with traveling comes some degree of loss of control over what we're eating, so plan accordingly with ultra-nourishing supplements and dietary add-ins. I never leave home without an alkalizing green powder of some sort (because getting enough daily greens can be a struggle), an arsenal of adaptogenic herbs and tinctures for nervous system (i.e. energy, mood, and sleep) support, digestive bitters for any bouts of upset within that realm, thieves + citrus essential oils for immune support, and a medley of herbal teas for in-flight steeping. A few of my many favorites include this green powder for alkalinity, this herbal tincture for immune support, this tonic herb blend and ashwagandha for a nourished nervous system, and these digestive bitters for tummy support (for which you can use code UMBA17_MCCABE for 30% off and free shipping). Most of these can be added to bottles of water, coffee/tea, or straight into your mouth of easy, on-the-go consumption. You'll want to be sure you drink obscene amounts of water, to support the detoxification system and flush out anything less-than-ideal that you've consumed. All in all, I find these little boosters to keep my health afloat, even when my sleep schedule and diet have turned upside down. 


By far the most esoteric tip of them all, but one I quite love. I'm not sure where I first learned this ritual, but it has become a daily habit that I rely on. Especially during times of travel or indulgence. Before consuming anything, I say a quick prayer/blessing over it. Basically asking the Universe to allow this food or drink to nourish my body and mind and to elevate my health in some way. I believe that even junky foods, once blessed, and if consumed with intention, will nourish + fuel our systems. On that same note, our digestive system is intimately connected to our emotions, so what is eaten during moments of stress, guilt, shame, and upset will almost always be improperly digested.