Summer Skin Guide: The Essentials


Earlier this year, I shared my holistically-inspired skin regime, and was thrilled to hear how many of you felt inclined to clean-up your self-care products as a result! While my routine generally remains the same no matter the time of year or life circumstance, I do shift focuses and incorporate new products and practices during the summer season.

The excessive external - and resulting internal - heat can have an incredibly irritating, congesting, and inflammatory effect on the skin, which is truly just a mirror for the state of our overall health. Many of us also travel more frequently during the sunnier months, which of course only serves to exacerbate a less-than-ideal skin situation. But fear not, for there are some beautifully-effective natural products and practices that work overtime to keep you looking and feeling glowy and confident, even when it's 1000 degrees and humid out. Below, find my tried-and-true essentials for happy, radiant, and lustrous summer skin. 

BEAUTY DUST | Because as annoying as it sounds, beautiful, glowing skin truly does begin on the inside. The blend of adaptogenic pearl, goji berry, schisandra, and rehmannia is designed to boost the clarity and radiance of the skin (as well as hair and nails) and reduce breakout-causing stress from the digestive system outward. I carry the travel-friendly sachets when abroad to add into teas and smoothies. 

TATA HARPER PURIFYING CLEANSER | The ultimate cleanser for removing surface impurities (hello, sweat rolling down my face 24/7) and environmental stressors from the skin. It leaves my skin feeling cool and clean, yet still hydrated and dewy. I oil-cleanse in the am, and cleanse with this post-workout and/or in the evening to wash off the day. 

CALENDULA EYE BALM | For eyes, lips, and cuticles. A blend of calendula oil, mango seed butter, and lavender, this multi-tasking miracle balm plumps the skin, softens fine lines, quells inflammation, and diminishes dark undereye circles. A must for those of you frequenting air-travel this season. 

SURF MUD SPF | The cleanest, dreamiest option in way of sun protection. I sun worship all summer long, so a solid waterproof spf is a necessity. Conventional sunscreen is full of endocrine-disrupters and cancer-causing carcinogens, so make this the summer you switch to something natural. Containing coconut for hydration, zinc for protection, and chocolate for antioxidant-support, this blend is entirely swoon-worthy (and effective). 

BULGARIAN ROSE WATER | I add a splash of this in my water and tea daily for calm, cool, clear skin from the inside out. I also swear by rose water for less anxiety and greater internal equilibrium. And for external use, this is still the best product out there and forever my hydrosol of choice. 

BLUE TANSY RESURFACING MASK | A longtime favorite that just can't be beat. This mask is clarifying and cooling, resurfacing the skin with natural BHAs and AHAs to gently shed the top layer of skin. As powerful as it is, the formula is gentle enough to be used multiple times each week, and always leaves my sensitive, easily-irritated skin feeling refreshed and with a glow. 

TATA HARPER CLARIFYING MASK | Tata's newly-released mask that has already topped my list. Super clarifying and calming for my breakout- and redness-prone skin, yet ultra gentle and nourishing. It has an enzymatic peel effect to resurface and decongest the skin, contains quartz sand crystals for a gentle exfoliation, and draws upon chlorella to impart a hydrated glow. Another must-have travel companion. 

CELLULAR REPAIR SERUM, CLEAROil-based serums are of upmost importance during the summer to ensure skin doesn't overproduce breakout-causing sebum, and to impart a natural dewy glow. True Botanicals is a force of nature - the whole line has captivated me, as it's ultra clean and totally natural, yet scientifically-developed to work exceptionally well. This serum in particular keeps skin clear and decongested, yet hydrates on a cellular level to prevent oxidation and aging.   

CITRINE BODY OIL | A heavenly blend of ultra nourishing orange blossom, rosehip, and neroli oils. I use this daily post-shower and end up with the most divine glow (and scent) for the rest of the day. 

COLD SHOWERS | Especially important during the warmer months to temper internal heat. Equally as beneficial for the skin as for the nervous system.