5 Foods to Elevate Your Spiritual Practice | with Free + Native

photo by  coco prop shop

It's a true honor today to be featured on the journal of a woman I admire so greatly, Lacy Phillips of Free + Native. Based in L.A., Lacy is my manifestation advisor, serving as the go-to consult for anyone looking for guidance in this realm. Having developed her own genius method around manifestation, Lacy has become the leading force in the industry of intuitive guidance + coaching. She is wise, sweet, and generous beyond measure, and a total queen when it comes to holistic living. Today, I am honored to share with Lacy, her F+N community, and all of you the science behind eating for an elevated spiritual + intuition practice. 

What we eat is so intimately connected to how we feel - on every level and in every realm. Though modern medicine denotes otherwise, what we put into our bodies affects far more than just our physical health + appearance. Because the gut is constantly in contact with our nervous + endocrine systems, what ends up in our digestive system fuels not just the body, but also the mind (and beyond). Each time we sit down (or more realistically, stand/walk/drive/work) and eat something, we are contributing to how we will feel in the coming minutes, hours, and days on yes, a physical level, but also just as directly + powerfully in our emotional, cognitive, hormonal, and spiritual realms. 

Chances are, if you’re reading this beautifully modern yet cosmic + esoteric Journal, you have a firm grasp on the whole mind-body connection as it relates to diet. Yet so many of us fall short in our understanding and implementation of this connection as it relates to our spirituality. Because spirituality is viewed as intangible, conceptual, and beyond the physical realm, it can appear to “function” independently of the body + mind. And while I agree with that to a degree, we have to understand that our souls are currently housed in these physical forms and how we feel in our mind + body when we sit down to meditate, practice yoga, pray, breathe, and/or manifest will affect our ability to tap into our Higher Selves and connect with our spiritual practice. 

To read the rest of this article, head over to the dreamy Free + Native Journal! xx