SOL FOOD is a bi-monthly series detailing all the people, places, spaces, reads, objects, and foods that are inspiring, supporting, and fueling my journey at the moment. This short + sweet series was created in response to the enormous list of topics I never get the chance to post about and share with you all. Stop by every other Friday for a quick dose of inspiration and sol food.

I just finished a ten day breath work + chakra meditation workshop with Lauren Spencer King of Fields of Study, and it was nothing short of profound. I have studied and practiced breath work quite extensively in tandem with yoga, but surprisingly had yet to dive into it as a solo practice. I'm already working to incorporate what I've learned into my weekly classes and upcoming workshops (stay tuned!), and could not recommend Lauren and her guidance more. 

Some divine insight for the month ahead, because if you have yet to feel it, this month's energy is intense and there's like six planets going retrograde. So "keep it real, keep it grounded, keep it neutral" folks. 

Just received some sweet handcrafted kitchen vessels from two of my favorite new ceramists, Soul Vessel Designs and Natalie Legg Ceramics

A new wellness spot in Charleston that I cannot wait to check out during my next visit.

Swooning endlessly over the new Reformation collection (what's new).

Speaking of chic spring clothing, I've been living in this dress as of late.

The new ritual scent I'm loving for a calm face and space. 

The herbal line that has stolen my heart and made it's way into every smoothie and latte these past two weeks. 

Making these, ASAP. 

If you're local to South Florida, a new sacred space has arrived in Jupiter and I am beyond honored to be leading classes here weekly. Sunrise Vinyasa every Monday + Friday at 7 am. If you're not accustomed to saluting the sun that early, give my 'morning person' guide a read for my personal tips + practices.