SOL SISTER | Emily L'Ami of Bodha Modern Wellness

The SOL SISTER series is a collection of interviews + features highlighting the many fierce, brave, wise, inspiring, and doing-it-with-heart female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry that have personally inspired me. Each highlighted woman has been a deep source of inspiration in my personal, creative, and work-related endeavors, and I hope their words + stories will ignite the same spark within you. 

I was first introduced to Bodha and it’s incredibly healing line of aromatherapy products by none other than holistic goddess Lacy Phillips of Free + Native. I remember it clearly: it was just days after the most recent Presidential election and I, like most everyone I know, was feeling deeply out of sorts. Lacy posted that she was using this scent to find grounding + solace during that difficult week, and I felt compelled to order said incense straight away. I don’t think a day has gone by since that I haven’t used at least one of Bodha’s products.

The brand itself is rooted in the importance of connection, ritual, and scent as a means for more elevated, conscious living. This ethos is tangibly translated as artfully designed, minimalist, and incredibly effective + therapeutic aromatherapy products of the highest quality. 

Among my favorites products, which have all anchored themselves in my daily self-care routine + rituals are the aromatherapy eye pillow for sleep and meditation (made of dreamy Mongolian cashmere), organic smokeless incense in Ground and Purify (to stabilize and cleanse my energy, respectively), Calm Ritual spray for my face and space, and the brass incense holder (because it’s gorgeous, chic, and hand-crafted to perfection).

photo c/o emily l'ami

photo c/o emily l'ami

The grace and beauty of the line is surpassed only by it’s founder, Emily L’Ami. Currently based in Los Angeles by way of New Zealand, Emily created Bodha as an expression + extension of her deep and very personal connection to ceremony and scent. The idea behind ritualizing our lives for greater happiness, connection, and intention resonates deeply with me, so it felt only natural to feature Emily as the SH Journal’s first SOL SISTER.

Read on for how this inspiring female force stays connected to her purpose + sense of balance while maintaining a successful (and quickly growing!) business. 

What was the journey that led you to create Bodha?

I'd always wanted to create something I believed in + I'd always been fascinated by the power of scent. I love the way scent instantly brings you back to yourself, the connection to memory, and the fact that it's our most powerful sense. I studied aromatherapy and natural perfumery and realized they're looking at the same thing through a different lens, so I decided to bring them together to create Bodha, a brand dedicated to therapeutic perfumery. 

What is the intention behind your work + creation?

We want to help people reconnect through the power of scent.

Bodha promotes the importance of rituals - do you have any personal rituals or daily ceremonies you live by?

I like to open and close the day with simple rituals. In the morning I get up, have a glass of warm water with a dash of cider vinegar, light a stick of incense and meditate for ten minutes. And to close off my work day I tidy up + write my to-do list for the next day, make a pot of herbal tea, light a stick of incense and again meditate for ten minutes. These little ritual bookends really help me to feel calm + grounded every day.

What have been your personal experiences with the healing powers of scent, aromatherapy and ritual?

I've watched my mum go through breast cancer and my dad die of bowel + brain cancer, so I've spent a fair amount of time in hospitals, which can be fairly sterile places. Little things like rubbing some scented oil into my mum's hands or placing an aromatherapy eye-pillow under my dad's pillow helped them reconnect with their senses + have a beautiful moment.

Are there any specific mindset practices that help you feel more centered, aligned and inspired?

I love meditation, especially in the morning. And I love daily mantras, which I change depending on what's going on in my life. Things have been super busy and a little overwhelming with Bodha lately, so my current mantra comes from Elizabeth Gilbert: 'I love my work + my work loves me.' 

What are the five things you cannot (or at least, highly prefer not to) live without?

Time with my husband, time by the ocean, time with friends, time alone, and chocolate.

Are there any holistic lifestyle and/or dietary practices you adhere to?

I'm all about eating everything in moderation and with joy. I think it's way more important to eat with pleasure and joy than with rigidity and guilt. 

What is a standout piece of advice that helped shape who you are as a female entrepreneur?

I went to a talk by a woman who had grown her business from home printed t-shirts to a multi-million dollar fashion business and she said, 'Never take no for an answer. No doesn't necessarily mean no, it can mean not right now, not in this way/form.' It is a good reminder to keep going and believe in yourself no matter what.

You can connect with + shop Bodha at their online shop and Instagram