SOL FOOD is a bi-monthly series detailing all the people, places, spaces, reads, objects, and foods that are inspiring, supporting, and fueling my journey at the moment. This short + sweet series was created in response to the enormous list of topics I never get the chance to post about and share with you all. Stop by every other Friday for a quick dose of inspiration and sol food.

This poetry book is giving me all the feels. My new bedtime companion. Author Nayyirah Waheed is pure magic.

My new spring/summer weekend uniform

Speaking of summer ware: the French market basket I'm toting to the beach, farmer's market, and beyond. 

So excited about the release of this seasonally-inspired new cookbook. (If you can't tell, I'm functioning in full-on summer mode.)

Halfway through this book and WHOA is it spot on. An absolute must read for the highly-sensitive, intuitive, empathic, and anyone working/functioning as a healer or caregiver. 

The (heavenly, luxurious + incredibly effective) facial serum I've transitioned to for spring/summer.

It's been an emotional + hormonal week over here, so needless to say these Amina Mundi Happiness + Adaptogen tonics have been a total saving grace. 

Discovered therapeutic essential oil patches this week (!) and have been so pleased with the effects. They offer individual scents to aid sleep, reduce stress, ease migraines, support PMS + menopause, relieve muscle + nerve pain, diminish cravings, elevate energy + focus, improve memory, soothe allergies, and induce romance. Obsessing. Choose your scent intuitively for the type of support you need (I went with stress-relief, energy, and romance), or experiment with a variety pack.

A really interesting read + perspective on why your manifestation practice might not be giving you the results you desire.

On that same note, I am BEYOND excited for this upcoming virtual workshop. Lacy is my manifestation coach and has shed so much light on the path of expanded consciousness + elevated confidence for me. I highly recommend her sessions/workshops/classes to any + all. 

Stopped into Tammy Fender for a holistic facial + reflexology treatment earlier this week and was absolutely blown away. Sharing more on the magic they are creating at this sacred little Palm Beach hideaway here on the Journal Monday, as well as the details on our upcoming Half-Day Wellness Retreat together. Mark your calendars Saturday, May 6th for an afternoon of holistic pampering + healing for the mind, body, and heart with Tammy Fender x Solful Health.