Evening Routine: Hydrotherapy

As an empath with workaholic tendencies, I oftentimes find myself feeling scattered and drained by the end of the day (anyone else?). Luckily, incorporating grounding self-care rituals in the evening has been a huge help in regaining and maintaining mental + emotional balance, even during the busiest of days + weeks. As of late, I’ve been totally vibing with this nighttime routine, so I thought I’d share.

This regime centers around hydrotherapy, which is essentially just the use of water in a therapeutic capacity.

Gisel Bündchen by zee nunes for vogue brazil

Gisel Bündchen by zee nunes for vogue brazil


I fill my tub with the hottest water I can stand and toss in an enormous amount of magnesium salt, aluminum-free baking powder, and a bit of Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath. This combination is ultra detoxifying, literally drawing out impurities through the skin and infusing the body with a dose of mineralizing magnesium. Magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin, and is key in maintaining balanced mental health - it stimulates the production of serotonin, mitigates the damage of chronic stress, and eases anxiety. This bath soak trio also offsets all the electromagnetic pollution we take in via our technology-driven lives and balances the body’s pH level. So basically, get into your bathtub, like now. 

Needless to say, this is a totally cell phone free situation so I either zen out in silence or bring a book. Within minutes I’m sweating (this is good!), so I usually have a large glass of water or herbal tea near by to keep from dehydrating. I allot myself a solid 25-30 minutes to sit, soak, and really drop into the calm evening energy.


Then comes the cold shower. Trust me, it feels incredible after a super hot bath. I adopted this ritual from Guru Jaget’s book Invicible Living (which is a must read for anyone at all interested in the magic of Kundalini yoga). Cold showers are deeply nourishing and strengthening to the nervous system, which influences our mental + emotional health to a very large degree. It actually has an adaptogenic effect on our systems, helping to reduce the affects of stress and anxiety. Showering in cold water also boosts the metabolism, improves lymphatic detoxification, cleanses the circulatory system, decreases body-wide inflammation, increases immunity, and makes the skin seriously clear + glowy. 

I find repeating the mantra “If I can handle the chilliness of the water, I can handle the chilliness of life” (an adaptation of a Yogi Bhajan quote) helps to get me through it. 

I emerge from the whole situation a new person. Truly. Afterwards, my body always feels warm and filled with a really soft + comforting energy, and I’m totally blissed out. I drink another tall glass of water or two to rehydrate, and then usually float off to sleep in minutes. Hydrotherapy is the new red wine, for real.