Spring Vegetable Frittata

Spring has officially sprung in my kitchen, and the excitement is real over here. So real that I literally gathered all the spring vegetables I could find at the farmer's market and tossed them together to create this fresh + seasonal frittata. It's bursting with both flavor and nutrients, and fits just as effortlessly at a brunch with friends as it does as a workday lunch for one.


I'm almost always making some variation of this recipe (with varying ingredients depending on what's growing) at the beginning of each week for grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches. Easy, healthy meal prep is where it's at for optimal health, time management, and sanity.

In terms of ingredients, don't sweat it trying to source each one. Our growing seasons are a bit different here in Florida than the rest of the world, so substitute for what is available in your region/refrigerator. To me, including some sort of leafy green and allium (garlic, onions, shallots, leeks, chives) is a nonnegotiable, but the rest tends to be different each time. 

This recipe just screams springtime to me. It's full of the familiar and fleeting flavors of this seemingly always-too-short season, and is best enjoyed atop of pile of lightly-dressed greens + herbs with a citrusy iced herbal tea. As I mentioned, it's a go-to weekday meal in our house, but the sheer prettiness of the whole situation invites you to gather some close friends for an al fresco spring brunch. As we usher in longer, brighter, warmer days, our brains and bodies begin to crave more social contact and connection - real talk: we are biologically programmed to shift with the seasons - so sometimes all it takes is a colorful new recipe to inspire a spontaneous celebration. 

However you choose to welcome spring, I'm wishing you all a season of exciting (and delicious) new beginnings, connections, and celebrations, from my kitchen to yours. xx


Makes about 6 servings