Herbal Hot Cocoa


Yesterday, I detailed the science behind adaptogens, the reasons and ways I use them for better health, and why these ancient medicinal herbs have made a seemingly sudden resurgence in these modern times. If you missed it, you can find the full post here. During an age when there seems to be a new must-try health trend every week, I find it so important to learn the 'why' behind nutrition principles and rituals to really determine if they are aligned with your personal health goals. The intention behind this guide to adaptogens was to lay it all out for you, so you can decide for yourself if these herbs and supplements will benefit your specific constitution. 

If you happen to decide that you do want to start incorporating adaptogenic herbs into your diet, you'll need a delicious new recipe to get your feet wet. And for those of you who have already cultivated an adaptogen regime, this thoughtful pairing makes a great addition to your usual blends. 

By now, you all have probably caught on that I have a full-blown chocolate obsession. (If you don't believe me... this). Aside from tasting like, well, chocolate, it's deeply mineralizing, gently energizing, and mood elevating. Raw cacao (the unsweetened, minimally-processed version of cocoa) has a deep, earthy, and slightly nutty flavor that pairs really well with many adaptogenic herbs (which collectively, tend to be earthy and nutty with a subtle sweetness). 

For this blend, I chose to include he shou wu and reishi (both of which I go into detail about here) to nourish the endocrine system, improve immunity, and increase detoxification. The reishi is especially important here, adding a grounding element to the recipe, as cacao on it's own can be a bit too stimulating for some. The combination of raw cacao, adaptogenic herbs, and almond milk make for a sweet, velvety indulgence that is as deeply delicious as it nourishing. By pairing blood sugar-stabilizing nut milk with whole dates to sweeten, this recipe is low-glycemic and safe even for those of us with hormonal imbalances. 

If you can swing it, use homemade nut or seed milk here. The added creaminess, flavor, and nutrients of a hand-crafted milk blend will make a huge difference in the quality of your hot cocoa. For a basic and foolproof plant-based milk recipe, view my guide here. Ensuring you use high quality herbs is also a must - sadly, many companies cut corners and mix their herbs with weird fillers and additives. I get my he shou wu from Sun Potion, and my reishi from Four Sigmatic exclusively. For any purchases through Four Sigmatic, use code 'SOLFUL' at checkout for some discount love. 


Makes 1 serving