Chocolate Cauliflower Smoothie


I'm extra excited to announce my latest community collaboration, because it's with some of my favorite people. Over the past year, I've had the pleasure of watching Celis Produce blossom into a beautiful community hub marked by an authentic desire to spread the message of health + wellness bite by bite. The physical space has that inexplicable I-feel-so-at-home vibe, along with some of the freshest produce around. I feel beyond lucky to call the three brothers behind the magic my friends, and it's an honor to be their Community Spotlight this month. 

I designed a seasonal smoothie for the occasion, and if you're in the S. Florida area you can actually purchase a produce bundle through Celis Produce with all the ingredients needed to recreate it yourself. Details can be found on their site.

Unlike many of the fruit-based smoothies we (myself included) tend to gravitate towards, this veggie-centered smoothie is loaded with the healthy fats + protein we need to stay full, satiated, and energized. As counterintuitive as it initially sounded, frozen cauliflower has become my current favorite smoothie ingredient - it yields a really creamy consistency, and packs in vitamin C alongside an array of essential vitamins and minerals.

The addition of avocado adds to the creamy, milkshake-like texture, but most importantly provides us with the dietary fat needed to power our brains, improve mood, regulate digestion, boost metabolism, and balance weight.

Raw, unprocessed chocolate (also known as cacao) is an incredible superfood I recommend consuming regularly. It contains the highest antioxidant content of any whole food on the planet, powerfully protecting our skin, brain, and vital organs from toxins and disease. Cacao is potent mood booster and depression-fighter, which you can read a bit more about here. Raw chocolate is also the richest food source of the mineral magnesium - a critical nutrient (named the ‘relaxation mineral’for its ability to offset stress and induce calmness) for both brain and body health that most Americans are dangerously deficient in. The high flavanoid content of cacao shows the cardiovascular system some serious love, improving circulation and regulating blood pressure.

I love that Livwell’s chocolate protein powder (my protein powder of choice) contains pure cacao, in addition to some seriously high-quality vegan protein to bolster our systems.

For the full recipe, click here!