Roasted Carrot Hummus + Carrot Top Greens Pesto, and a word on why real food matters

Since diving into a more holistic, conscious lifestyle about six years ago, it's been really important to me to regularly get up close and personal with the food I'm eating. I signed up for my first CSA membership as a college student living in Charleston, and heading out to the farm each week to gather my goodies totally changed my perspective on food and health. Rationally we understand that our produce comes from a farm, but watching the process unfold firsthand can be really crazy. How cool that this big, beautiful planet allows us to grow and create food in the ground.

Part of my life (and now job) is traveling to farms near and far to source the freshest, purest, and most nutrient-dense produce and ingredients. It's a ritual I very much enjoy, and it's gifted me a very deep reverence for not just the food I eat, but for the individuals who grow it with so much care, and for this bountiful and ever-giving planet. 

If you've never taken a trip out to a local farm in your 'hood, I highly recommend you get on it. In this modern, technology-driven, and factory-manufactured world, it's extremely refreshing + grounding to get back to the basics of growing food. 

So it's with much excitement that I share this recipe in collaboration with Lox Farms, a small + sweet organic farm here in South Florida. They have an incredible CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program and are always at the downtown West Palm Beach green market. I created this recipe using their divine carrots, and originally planned to only make the hummus. But in the spirit of revering our food and making use of every last bit, I turned the carrot top greens into a savory, earthy pesto. 

Carrot hummus should definitely be a thing, because it's effing delicious. I roasted/slightly caramelized the carrots to enhance their natural sweetness, which is balanced to perfection by the warming spice blend I used. If you feel like you're getting bored of your usual snack routine, give this recipe a go. 

Pesto is crazy versatile and I usually have a batch of some variation in the fridge - I use it as salad dressing, toss it with roasted veggies, mix it with cooked grains, drizzle on avocado toast, and throw it on top of my hummus (a must-try). Carrot top greens are slightly bitter, so I added a bit of raw honey and pistachios to balance it out. For those of you who ask me about eating healthy on a budget, this is the ultimate in budget-friendly cooking. One veggie, two delicious and healthful uses.