Savory Turmeric Oats

My latest passion project has me diving deep into the formal study of herbalism and all the ways our botanical, herbal, and plant friends enhance our health + lives. I’m not yet ready to share with you guys the project in its entirely (though I can hardly wait), but I am excited to share some of my latest findings! I recently read up on the medicinal qualities of oats and was totally impressed - I knew oatmeal was full of fiber, protein, and the complex carbohydrates we need for energy production and weight management, but I didn’t realize they had such potent nervous system benefits.

Oats are considered a nervine tonic, which serve to strengthen + feed our nervous system tissues directly. A weak, undernourished nervous system can result in depression, anxiety, panic, feelings of stress + overwhelm, exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, PMS, hyperactivity, migraines, insomnia, and neurological disorders. Yikes. Judging by how commonplace these health issues have become (am I the only one who has had like 5 of those symptoms?), it's very clear that, collectively, our nervous systems are in need of some serious TLC. There are many ways that we can care for and strengthen our nervous systems, and I could (and will) go into far more detail, but for now - back to oats. 


So can eating oatmeal actually relax our systems, ease anxiety, and boost mood? In short, yes. As one of the most powerful and potent nervine tonics, oats have a deeply relaxing effect on our brains and nervous systems. They're a wonderful complement and supplement to our otherwise stressful and nervous system-taxing lives, and are considered particularly effective at relieving exhaustion and depression. As a recovering Type A stress-mess (who happens to love oatmeal), this was music to my ears. I hope you are equally as inspired!

Turmeric is a buzzy superfood + powerful anti-inflammatory with a long list of health benefits, but lesser known are its mental health and nervous system benefits. Inflammation is the root of many (if not all) disease, and mood disorders are no exception. Recent findings reveal that mood disorders such as anxiety and depression may be the result of inflammation of the brain (ah), and that an anti-inflammatory diet can actually function as a natural antidepressant. Turmeric's active ingredient, curcumin, has even been found to enhance nerve growth in the hippocampal region of the brain (the area of our brain that regulates emotion). Food as medicine for the win. 


So in the name of nourishing ourselves inside + out and looking good but feeling better, I created an savory off-beat oatmeal recipe to support that delicate but powerful system of yours. Oatmeal is now for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

If you're looking to dive a bit deeper into the science of healing your nervous system and bolstering your mental health through diet, I look forward to connecting with you via a nutritional coaching session.


Makes 1 serving