A Complexion-Soothing Smoothie for Glowing Skin


In my previous post, I dished on my full skincare routine and shared my list of essential natural products (you can find it all here). In years past, I have struggled enormously with acne, and while I do attribute my now (mostly) clear, glowy skin to my gentle, plant-based skincare regimen, there's no denying that the most powerful beauty-booster is our diet. Like any other aspect of our health, our skin requires an array of macro- and micronutrients to look and feel its best.

Today, I'm sharing a smoothie recipe designed to hydrate and clarify the skin from the inside out. Because we all know that true, lasting beauty begins on the inside. I formulated this blend to target the specific nutrient-needs of our skin, using only the most potent, science-backed, and glow-enhancing ingredients. 


The combination of blueberries and raspberries is super high in antioxidants, serving to protect our skin from damaging free-radicals, which breakdown, oxidize, and age the skin on a cellular level (no thank you). Leafy greens are by far the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, so a healthy dose of those will help to detoxify and clarify the skin, while also enhancing radiance thanks to their high vitamin + mineral content. Dietary fat is absolutely essential for soft, plump, dewy skin as it literally hydrates the dermis from the inside out, so avocado is a must here. Dehydration is a major contributor to dry, dull, blemish-prone skin, so I included coconut water to deeply hydrate and replenish the skin + body. 

And then come the 'superfoods'. These are a few of the incredibly health-enhancing and beautifying herbs and supplements that I personally use to help balance + nourish my system, both inside and out.

The inclusion of maca root in my diet has been instrumental in bringing equilibrium to my endocrine + hormonal system, which plays a huge role in the appearance of our skin. If you find that your breakouts coincide with your time of the month, gravitate towards your chin + jawline, and/or are exacerbated by stress, then chances are hormones are (at least partially) to blame. Similar to maca, he shou wu is an adaptogenic herb used to calm the endocrine system and reduce the effects of stress on our bodies, and it's also a powerful beauty enhancer. He shou wu contains potent anti-aging qualities (obviously crucial for supple, radiant skin) and in Traditional Chinese Medicine is said to infuse the body with a youthful energy and glow. Tocos are actually rice bran solubles, a super effective and bio-available source of skin-nourishing vitamin E known to promote healing of the skin and connective tissues. Lastly, I toss in 2 big scoops of grass-fed collagen peptides because it's kind of unparalleled when it comes to beautifying and nourishing the skin. Collagen is the main structural protein found in our skin and other connective tissue, and as we age our levels within the body begin to decrease, causing skin to age, wrinkle, and dull. Supplementing with collagen helps to repair and heal damaged skin tissue (it's amazing for healing acne and scars), plump the skin, and create an overall glow. 


Makes 1 large or 2 medium servings