Soba Noodle Salad

January may be my favorite month of the year. The collective energy is super elevated, and it always feels amazing to ride the wave of fresh motivation + inspiration that a new year brings. And personally, my body and mind are beyond ready for a reset by the time January rolls around. The holidays are magical but after a few nonstop weeks of parties, family, travel, and FOOD (so much food), I definitely feel ready to slow down, reground, and reconnect with my usual routines.  

For me, diet is a huge piece of what makes me feel connected, grounded, powerful, and well. In addition to taking a month off (at the very least) from alcohol, I'm also diving head first in my more usual clean + green diet. This dish is one of my absolute favorites for those days when you're struggling to get back on track. It's super filling and full of the fiber + nutrients your body needs, while also feeling indulgent enough to keep you satisfied. 

When describing this soba noodle salad, I use the term recipe loosely - it's one of those 'no recipe recipes' that can be seamlessly modified to accommodate whatever you have on hand/may be craving. My recommendation: add more greens than you think necessary. Because this dish is stir-fried, a few heaping handfuls of greens will wilt down to a mere few bites, so load up. I also am sure to always add in spices and herbs of some sort to give the meal some serious health-boosting power and flavor. Made from buckwheat (a gluten-free whole grain), soba noodles have a deep, nutty flavor and are fabulous both hot or cold. To increase your protein intake, you can also add sustainably-sourced shrimp, chicken, or beef.  

One of my dietary shortcomings is a tendency to "forget" to eat lunch for lack of wholesome options, and I know many of you have expressed how challenging it can be to find nutritious, on-the-go choices for this essential midday meal. It's really easy to get caught up in the workday and push off eating, but this habit backfires 100% of the time. Not only are you totally messing with your blood sugar and hormone levels, but most of the time we end up crazy hangry and eat something way less than ideal to rebalance. Part of why I come back to this recipe so frequently is because it's seriously delicious both hot and cold. It's one of those meals that almost tastes better cold the next day, making it one of my go-tos for busy workday lunches. 


Makes about 4 servings