Easy Greens Smoothie


If you're anything like me this time of year, you are probably in need of a giant pile of greens (or five). I wholeheartedly believe in balance, so for me the holiday weekend meant champagne, charcuterie boards, and lavish dinners. It was a far cry from my usual plant-based fare, and while I enjoyed every sip and bite of it, my body woke up craving something (anything) healthy. 

This smoothie in particular is perfect for the morning after an indulgent evening. It's a super simple mix of easy-to-digest fruit and greens that will do wonders for your immune, nervous system, digestive, brain, and skin health. Oftentimes, the sugars found in alcohol, sweets, and other simple carbohydrates have an addictive quality over our physiology, leavings us craving more, more, more. If you find yourself waking in the morning with the nagging craving so common of sugar hangovers, a naturally + mildly sweet option such as this will ease any lingering discomfort. 

I actually initially developed this smoothie with children in mind. I had a lot of moms approaching me looking for ways to sneak greens into their children's diets, so I created a "green smoothie" that didn't look or taste green. The recipe ended up becoming one of my personal favorites, and something I share + recommend with clients and friends that are especially hesitant to drink anything green. It's a perfect and, as the name implies, easy way to transition into the world of green smoothies. 

To keep the flavor mild, I recommend using a flavor-nuetral green like spinach. But for those of us more daring green lovers, any green under the sun will work here. For the smoothie pictured here, I went heavy on the greens, but feel free to use a bit less - this will keep the color brighter and taste a bit fruiter. 

All photos by Coco Prop Shop.


Makes 1 serving