Salmon en Papillote (and a Whole Foods Giveaway!)

When Whole Foods approached me to create content + recipes centered around my holiday traditions and go-to meals for their #MyHolidayTradish campaign, I was super psyched. This time of year can feel really overwhelming and disconnecting for a lot of people, and that type of shift directly affects our mental and physical health. In the past, holidays have been a challenging time for me - I overeat, I overdrink, and generally emerge from the whole season feeling depleted. But along the way, I’ve picked up some amazing tips + tools for navigating the holidays more mindfully and they have totally changed my life. My hope is that by sharing these personal practices that you too will find your footing in what can be a beautiful and exciting yet ungrounding time of year.

This week, the Whole Foods team and I are focusing on sharing easy, healthy meals. My core belief is that food should never stress you out. Our food is our fuel and it should provide you with the energy you need to do the things you love to do and live your very best life. Our meals should never feel like yet another chore on our to-do lists. Yet for so many of us, we obsess and stress over what to eat and in turn drain our energy and waste valuable time that could’ve been spent more joyfully. Having some go-to quick, easy, and healthy meals (especially during these busier months) is really key to keeping food-related stress at bay and making sure your body + brain are getting the nutrients they need to thrive. 

Today’s recipe is one of my all-time favorites and something I make a variation of almost weekly. Salmon en Papillote (French for salmon in paper) is one of those seemingly fancy dishes that actually took like 10 minutes to throw together, making it perfect for dinner parties and weeknights at home alike. Cooking fish (chicken, veggies, or anything really) in parchment yields the perfect consistency - moist, flavorful, and steamed to perfection. Serving and clean up is a true breeze with this dish, again eliminating any usual time-wasting and/or stress-inducing suspects of meal time. 


Sourcing wild, sustainability-raised, and nutrient-dense salmon is a must - farm-raised salmon have significantly lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids and contain artificial fillers. Salmon’s naturally fat-rich diets are what give them that gorgeous orange color (and most of their health benefits); farm-raised salmon are fed nutrient-poor diets and are injected with orange dye to mimic that same color. Ew. Look for wild-Alaskan salmon (either fresh or frozen) to ensure you’re getting the real deal. You’ll be getting tons of protein and fatty acids for a really healthy brain (think good moods, quality sleep, better concentration, and more energy) and all-around lower levels of inflammation within the body. 

And because I really, really want healthful + mindful eating to be as easy as possible for you, Whole Foods and I have teamed up to offer you and a friend a chance at winning free groceries for an entire year. You guys, I’m super excited about this! Click here to enter.


Makes 2 servings