Adaptogenic Date + Almond Butter Latte

If you follow me regularly here on the blog or Instagram, you know I'm slightly obsessed with adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens, used widely in Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient Ayurvedic practices, are natural herbal supplements that assist our bodies in adapting to stress. Whether you consider yourself to be a stressed-out person or not, every single one of us is exposed to stress in some capacity every day of our lives. 

Too much caffeine, poor diet, electromagnetic and environmental pollution, too little sleep, mental and emotional strain, illness and disease, and not enough physical activity are all forms of stress that you may or may not come in contact with daily. Finding emotional and physical balance among all of this can feel like an uphill battle, which is where adaptogenic herbs come into play. I've found an enormous amount of support by adding adaptogens to my daily diet, and swear by them for better mental, physical, and hormonal health. 

I literally add them to anything and everything. When balanced hormones, sky high energy levels, a clear + calm mind, increased immunity, and glowing skin are only a few teaspoons away, it’s just too easy not to indulge. Adding adaptogens to our foods is a really potent way to offset the stresses of modern living and to realign our systems, serving to counterbalance or even replace some of our dietary vices.

And no vice is more prevalent in the global community than caffeine. While I’m the first to admit that I have a serious love affair with matcha green tea lattes, I’ve become increasingly mindful of the impact caffeine has on my mind, body, and spirit. Keep in mind, our bodies register caffeine as a stressor. Overconsumption puts us at risk of adrenal fatigue and hormonal issues (been there and f***ing done with that), dehydrates our systems, dulls skin, increases feelings of anxiety, contributes to weight gain (yep), and signals the release of stress hormones such as cortisol + adrenaline. It’s not exactly the most nourishing, beautifying, and harmonizing stuff.

But I totally get it, you need something for that mental boost first thing in the morning. Cue adaptogens. Today’s latte is super energizing + harmonizing, sans caffeine, and will leave you feeling calm yet alert thanks to the addtion of two powerful herbs - maca and lion's mane. It’s also rich in brain-boosting fats, which are key to energy production and regulation. Sip up and glow babes, I promise you won’t miss your low-vibe cup of jo even a little.


Makes 1 serving