Dragon Fruit 'Nice' Cream

Okay, okay I know it's officially fall and believe me I am literally knee deep in pumpkin soup and apple everything right now - but dragon fruit are actually still in season for a few more weeks and I just needed to share this recipe with you guys.

I had a few dragon fruit (also called pitaya) laying around the kitchen and my mind immediately went to ice cream, because duh. I'm also just absolutely obsessed with that crazy gorgeous color. But be warned - this stuff will stain your clothes so dress accordingly when making!

y evening never feels complete without a little something sweet after dinner, whether it's a few bites of dark chocolate, creamy chocolate mousse, or a bowl of ice cream. Whatever it is, I'm set on making sure my something sweet is also wholesome, nutritious, and plant based. Cue nice cream.

Nice cream is ice cream's dairy free, banana based, and oh-so-addicting counterpart that shows up BIG time in both the flavor and nutrition departments. It's one of the easiest recipes around (requiring nothing but a blender) and a total crowd pleaser. It's one of my favorite recipes to try on particularly health-food averted friends + family members (especially kids!) because it's pretty much universally loved. 

Nutritionally, you're looking at tons of antioxidants. That vibrant pink hue is due to a high concentration of free-radical neutralizing, immune-boosting, and anti-aging antioxidants. The blend of banana and pitaya also boasts a super high fiber count, which is key for everything from digestion, clear skin, weight loss, and heart health. And like all plant-based whole foods, this recipe is anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, and full of energizing vitamins + minerals.

Right now I'm able to source my dragonfruit locally, but if you're outside of South Florida hop over to Pitaya Plus and order it frozen. You may be able to find some fresh at a local Asian market or Whole Foods, but typically out of season dragon fruit is lacking in flavor and probably isn't the vibrant pink variety (the fruit can sometimes have white flesh inside). If I can't find some that has been grown local and organic, I go with frozen.  

Today's nice cream variation uses dragon fruit, but you could sub almost any fruit (or veggie!) in the recipe below. My number one tip when it comes to preparing nice cream is freeze the mixture overnight - this will give it that perfect ice cream texture. And get creative with the toppings! I used bee pollen and lime zest, but other options include: raw chocolate sauce, unsweetened coconut flakes, fresh fruit, dried goji berries, sliced nuts + seeds, cacao nibs, and granola. 



Makes about 3-4 servings