The Solful Guide to Curing Your Hangover

In light of the recent holiday weekend, I've compiled a list of my tried and true go-tos for a more solful 'morning after'. Behold, your ultimate guide to navigating a hangover like the radiant goddess you are. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (and then hydrate again).

It seems so common sense, but I’m always surprised by how many people overlook this simple advice. Beginning the night of, cultivate some mindfulness and alternate between cocktails and water, mitigating the damage as you go along. For real, this is a game changer. Before going to bed, drink a tall glass of coconut water - the electrolytes will replenish what was lost throughout the night, resulting in a deeper level of cellular hydrate (read: a less intense hangover the next morning). Upon waking, pour it up. The morning after, I alternate between glasses of coconut water, chlorophyll water (for a gentle detox and some much-needed liver love), and regular old h2o. 

Supplement what you've lost.

Part of why we feel so sh*tty after a night of drinking is because the alcohol and excess sugars have leached many of the feel-good vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes from our bodies. If you want to feel better (and fast), spend a little time the next morning replenishing everything you’ve lost. Below, find my top picks for morning-after supplementation.

  • Magnesium is one of the many minerals that is depleted by excessive alcohol consumption, and is actually something that most of us are already deficient in, so a hangover can leave us with scary low levels. Magnesium is considered the “relaxation mineral”, playing a crucial role in our ability to adapt to both physical and psychological stress, offsetting anxiety and depression, preventing headaches, and regulating electrolyte and hormone levels. I’m especially prone to hangover-induced anxiety, so magnesium is an absolute must for me. Mix 1-2 tsp into a glass of water, sip up, and calm down. 
  • B vitamins are required for alcohol metabolization and elimination, causing them to deplete quickly when there’s an excess. To keep energy levels up, hangover symptoms at bay, and the detoxification process running smoothly, I recommend taking a b vitamin complex both before and after a big night out. 
  • Ashwagandha is my favorite little herbal secret weapon. It’s an adaptogenic herb that literally helps our bodies and minds adapt to stress, in whichever various form(s) we find ourselves exposed too. Your experience of a hangover is a loud message from your body that it is stressed the f*** out. Ashwagandha calms our nervous system (which goes into overdrive during said stressful event), reduces anxiety, lowers cortisol levels, nourishes the adrenals, combats fatigue, and balances hormones. You can take it alone as a tincture or blend it in a smoothie or cup of tea.

Drop the Gatorade and step away from the sugar.

Sugar is dehydrating, inflammatory, and acidic - a perfect pairing for a really intense hangover. When drinking, steer clear of bottled fruit juices, soda, and other sugary mixers, as the high refined sugar content will only worsen the next day’s headache. 

hen nursing that morning hangover, it only makes sense to avoid sugar as well, right? Duh. Which is why it’s so insane that people reach for gatorade as a hangover cure. Yes, there are added (synthetic) electrolytes, but these electrolytes are not naturally occurring and therefore not bioavailable to our bodies. Read: your body probably can’t figure out what they are, let alone what to do with them. Sports drinks, like gatorade, are also full of refined sugars and artificial flavors/dyes, which only increases the inflammation and dehydration you’re experiencing. Looking for a natural electrolyte-packed option for rehydrating? Coconut water is where it’s at.

Eat (the right stuff).

Chances are, your digestive system is feeling totally off and your body is starved for nutrients. When hungover, I recommend skipping the heavy, greasy foods in lieu of something light + hydrating. Think fresh fruit, smoothies, and salads. If you can stomach something a bit heavier, get some protein in as well, as the amino acids in protein will help your liver breakdown and eliminate any remaining alcohol. Some of my favs include a plant-protein smoothie, chia seed pudding, oatmeal, and a veggie egg scramble. I know it’s tempting, but bacon egg and cheese sandwiches are so not solful, babes.

Get your sweat on.

I know, I know. This is a tough one, but it works wonders. Sweating releases toxins from our bodies, and we are in the business of detoxifying right now. Even just 15-20 minutes on the treadmill will make a huge difference in your hangover recovery time. If you just literally can’t even, try getting yourself to a sauna (preferably infrared) or (my personal fav) soaking in a hot bath with epsom salts. Just be sure to hydrate before, during, and after to ensure you don’t end up even more dehydrated.

Spread the (self) love.

The absolute last thing your body + mind need are judgement, criticism, doubt, or worry. I’ve listed some powerful tips and tools for nourishing yourself, but this is by far the most important (and potent). Be gentle, slow down, and take rest - your body is in recovery mode and needs your love and understanding. Drop the guilt and get unconditionally compassionate with yourself. Close your eyes, turn inward, and begin to really listen to what your body needs right now. Then honor that. All-day Netflix marathon? Whatever girl, you deserve it.