Rosemary + Pistachio Super Greens Pesto

This is one of my absolute favorite recipes. Ever. It's something I'm constantly making to have on hand whenever I need a little flavor boost. I threw it together a few years ago to accompany a quinoa dish I was making for a dinner party, and instantly fell in love (as did my dinner party guests, I will add).

I have to admit, it turned out way better than I initially expected - the flavor combinations were merely a result of what I had on hand, but each ingredient ended up complementing the others to perfection. Due to a massively overgrown rosemary bush in our back garden, this aromatic little herb sneaks it's way into many of my dishes, and was my obvious go-to when creating an updated pesto recipe. 

Again, without thinking too much about it, I added roasted pistachios because they're salty and addictive and delicious. But the real power move was the addition of the greens. I really wanted to put a healthy spin on this classic spread without sacrificing taste (because that's the dream), and after a little playing around, found the perfect delicious to nutritious ratio. Any leafy green variety will do; I've made versions with kale, spinach, arugula, chard, mixed greens - each green has it's own unique flavor profile, so feel free to play around to find what you prefer most. 

Serving tip: Serve with no introduction, and watch your unassuming "salad-hating" friends + family members devour every last drop.


The real fun begins once it's time to pair the pesto with a meal. It truly goes with everything, so get creative. If you're in need of a little inspiration, here's a few of my fav ways to enjoy it:

  • Mixed with a little extra oil and used as a salad dressing (shown below)
  • Drizzled over roasted veggies
  • Marinade for fish or chicken
  • Mixed with hummus 
  • Spread on burgers (veggie or otherwise)
  • Tossed with pasta or cooked grains
  • Used as a base for pizza or flatbreads
  • Drizzled over avocado toast
  • Combined with scrambled or fried eggs
  • On it's own as a dipping sauce or spread for veggies, crackers, or crusty bread 

*I use parmesan in this version, but this can easily be substituted with nutritional yeast for a dairy-free and vegan option.

Rosemary + Pistachio Super Greens Pesto

Makes about 1.5 cups