Mamey Sapote Cream Pops with Raw Chocolate Sauce

Mamey sapote is unlike any other fruit I've ever had, in the best way possible. From the outside, they're totally unassuming, resembling a giant almond of sorts. But open them up and you'll find sweet, creamy, and vibrant orange flesh. Mamey are native to Mexico and Central America, growing abundantly in Latin America and (lucky for me) South Florida.

The flavor profile is totally unique - mixing hints of baked sweet potato, mango, almond, and a bit of chocolate. I know, #swoon. They're undeniably sweet but also a little savory, and decadently creamy (think avocado consistency).


Full disclosure, I had actually never tried mamey until somewhat recently, but was super thrilled when Florida Food and Farm asked me to create a recipe using this sweet summer fruit. You can also find my recipe over on their site (linked above)! 

Luckily, mamey are not only full of flavor, but super nutrient-dense as well. Mamey are high in fiber, which is key to staying full and satiated, keeping cravings at bay, regulating digestion + detoxification, and supporting the cardiovascular system. They're also really rich sources of skin- and immune-loving vitamin C, energizing + beautiyfing B6, and a number of necessary minerals and antioxidants. These bright orange beauties have a host of antioxidants to thank for their vibrant hue, which translates to improved cognitive function, better heart health, and more luminous skin for us. 

The consistency is literal perfection when frozen, so for this recipe I gave the typical mamey smoothie a seasonal twist and created Mamey Sapote Cream Pops with a Raw Chocolate Sauce and crushed pistachios.

The chocolate sauce is plant based, nutrient-rich, seriously divine - it pairs perfectly with almost anything sweet (fruit or otherwise), so definitely bookmark the recipe for future use. My favorite part of creating naturally sweet and nutritious treats is the versatility in how you're able to enjoy them - from breakfast to dessert and literally anywhere in between, this recipe has been one of my favorites this summer. Popsicles and chocolate for breakfast, anyone? 



Makes 4 popsicles