Chocolate Cherry Smoothie, with a side of happiness

The true (and delicious) sign that summer has officially begun: the kitchen fridge and countertops are overflowing with fresh summer fruit. Ripe, in-season fruit is truly the perfect summer food - light, hydrating, energizing, and so naturally sweet. Currently, I have tons of fresh and frozen cherries on hand, of which I’ve been eating non-stop straight from the bowl. And while I do believe that when it comes to fruit, simple is almost always best, I was feeling a little creative.

The chocolate and cherry combination came about pretty intuitively - I feel like it’s such a classic flavor pairing. I wanted something light and sweet yet nutrient-rich and energizing. 

Cue raw cacao - pure, unprocessed, and unsweetened chocolate. It contains the highest antioxidant content of any whole food on the planet, powerfully protecting our skin, brain, and vital organs from toxins and disease. Cacao is also the richest food source of the mineral magnesium - a critical nutrient (named the ‘relaxation mineral’ for its ability to offset stress and induce calmness) for both brain and body health that most of us are dangerously deficient in. The high flavanoid content of cacao shows the cardiovascular system some serious love, improving circulation and regulating blood pressure.  

But my favorite side effect of eating cacao? The feel-good mood boost. It’s officially been confirmed by science - chocolate makes us happier. When ingested, cacao stimulates the release of a variety of neurotransmitters, including serotonindopamine, and anandamide. Side effects include increased release of endorphins, feelings of bliss, enhanced ability to focus, and elevated mood. Chocolate + Happiness, my friends. 

Combine all that chocolatey-goodness with the some sweet summer fruit, a dash of honey and cinnamon, and splash of almond milk, and you’ve got yourself one seriously joy-inducing smoothie. 


Makes 1 serving