The Experience: The Ultimate Holistic Facial

photo of daria werbowy by mikael jansson

photo of daria werbowy by mikael jansson

I have been a loyal devotee to the Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare line for years. Like, way before I was a nutritionist and really thought about or cared what went into my body + onto my skin. The brilliant plant-alchemy and thoughtful, therapeutic pairings behind the products weren't so much on my radar at the time. I just knew that they were gentle on my sensitive yet unruly skin and extremely effective, leaving me with a clear yet somehow still hydrated complexion. 

Years later, I am more obsessed than ever with Tammy, her botanical line of skincare products, and her healing + holistic in-person treatments. While the medley of varied yet of-equal-amazingness products can be purchased from anywhere in the world, the Tammy Fender spa in West Palm Beach is truly where the magic happens. The little gem, tucked away inside a historic waterfront Palm Beach 'house', is home to the world's best holistic facial. 

I don't say this lightly - the treatments Tammy + her team offer are truly unparalleled. Tammy Fender has long been the go-to facialist to the stars, with clients traveling from far and wide to visit the Palm Beach skincare enclave. Yet unlike the majority of current skincare treatments, Tammy relies solely on plant botanicals and essential oils to treat + heal the dermis (and beyond). Nothing harsh, artificial, or invasive here, yet still undeniably effective. Tammy is a total legend, and basically started the plant-based skincare craze. 

I snuck in for one of these coveted treatments last week, and it honestly blew me away. I wouldn't even classify the treatment as a facial. Yes, my face was pampered for 90 minutes and I did leave with seriously glowing skin, but I also emerged with an elevated spirit and a recalibrated body. It was more of a mind-body-soul experience than anything else. 

Before the treatment began, I was invited to smell a medley of different essential oils, each hand-selected by Tammy for their noteworthy therapeutic health benefits. From this group, I was to select the three scents that most stood out to me. In this way, we allow the senses to guide us towards which oils will most benefit the body and it's needs that day. These oils will then be incorporated into the treatment to customize the experience to your specific needs. Your selection also informs your practitioner of where imbalances may lie, and where to direct that session's energy and care. Swooning yet?

The facial itself utilizes the very products that have earned Tammy Fender her devoted following - all derived from organic, food-grade plants of the highest quality. Each product is believed to be infused with the living energy of the plant(s) used, and therefore reconnecting us with the life force "chi" energy within and around us. Tammy's signature products and practices are based on the ancient sciences of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and holistic medicine, and each treatment is designed around this ethos. 

About halfway through the facial, another practitioner enters the room to begin reflexology on the feet. It was unreal. As we know, reflexology is so much more than a mere foot massage, but an ancient art used to restore internal balance to the entire body + mind. This, paired with the acupressure point face, head, and neck/shoulder massage, left me floating and virtually tension-free. 

I am actually not one to naturally prioritize self-care (though it's something I'm actively working on), but this treatment was able to shift my perspective on caring for and luxuriating myself. I emerged feeling brand new, totally restored, and deeply connected, and proceeded to have a really positive and productive day and week. FROM A FACIAL.

Given the truly transformative mind-body shifts experienced from my treatment, it almost feels superficial to mention that my skin looked and felt the best it had in years. I was in the midst of a pretty hormonally-taxing week and my skin was in no way hiding this, but the next day I woke up with healed, smooth, and glowing skin. I've committed to making this treatment part of my monthly routine, because it really felt like medicine for my body, mind, and soul. 

With all of that said, it fills me with so much joy to be able to invite those of you here in Palm Beach to experience the deeply healing magic that is a Tammy Fender treatment at our upcoming Radiance Retreat. Tammy and I have collaborated to craft a blissful half-day retreat designed to purify, energize, and restore radiance from the inside out. The afternoon includes a 60 minute Tammy Fender facial treatment, meditation + breathwork session with me, and sound therapy (one of my favorite healing modalities). I'm also preparing an organic + seasonal lunch for the group (chocolate will be included). 

We're limiting the retreat to a cozy eight guests to ensure you're treated to the individualized care needed to experience true mind + body re-balancing, so I suggest reserving your spot while we still have the space.

Booking details located below, or email 



SOL FOOD is a bi-monthly series detailing all the things, events, people, places, reads, and (of course) foods that are inspiring + fueling me at the moment. This short + sweet series was created in response to the enormous list of topics I never get the chance to post about and share with you all. Stop by every other Friday for a quick dose of inspiration and sol-food.

This poetry book is giving me all the feels. My new bedtime companion. Author Nayyirah Waheed is pure magic.

My new spring/summer weekend uniform

Speaking of summer ware: the French market basket I'm toting to the beach, farmer's market, and beyond. 

So excited about the release of this seasonally-inspired new cookbook. (If you can't tell, I'm functioning in full-on summer mode.)

Halfway through this book and WHOA is it spot on. An absolute must read for the highly-sensitive, intuitive, empathic, and anyone working/functioning as a healer or caregiver. 

The (heavenly, luxurious + incredibly effective) facial serum I've transitioned to for spring/summer.

It's been an emotional + hormonal week over here, so needless to say these Amina Mundi Happiness + Adaptogen tonics have been a total saving grace. 

Discovered therapeutic essential oil patches this week (!) and have been so pleased with the effects. They offer individual scents to aid sleep, reduce stress, ease migraines, support PMS + menopause, relieve muscle + nerve pain, diminish cravings, elevate energy + focus, improve memory, soothe allergies, and induce romance. Obsessing. Choose your scent intuitively for the type of support you need (I went with stress-relief, energy, and romance), or experiment with a variety pack.

A really interesting read + perspective on why your manifestation practice might not be giving you the results you desire.

On that same note, I am BEYOND excited for this upcoming virtual workshop. Lacy is my manifestation coach and has shed so much light on the path of expanded consciousness + elevated confidence for me. I highly recommend her sessions/workshops/classes to any + all. 

Stopped into Tammy Fender for a holistic facial + reflexology treatment earlier this week and was absolutely blown away. Sharing more on the magic they are creating at this sacred little Palm Beach hideaway here on the Journal Monday, as well as the details on our upcoming Half-Day Wellness Retreat together. Mark your calendars Saturday, May 6th for an afternoon of holistic pampering + healing for the mind, body, and heart with Tammy Fender x Solful Health. 

Chocolate-Covered CBD Energy Bites


Sharing a groovy new recipe today that *just happens* to coincide with April 20th. I actually choose not to partake, but am a really big advocate for medicinal herbs, in whatever form they may come. I rely heavily on my growing home apothecary of herbs + plant medicinals, and these days rarely prepare a meal or snack without them. CBD piqued my interest a few months ago, and it's potent medicinal benefits have landed this cannabis-derived supplement a spot in my daily regime. I have witnessed firsthand the extraordinary medicinal benefits of cannabis via the use of family members + clients struggling to cope with and cure debilitating diseases (chronic pain, ALS, paralysis, and mental health issues), so was more than open to give CBD a try within my own body. 


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 60 compounds found in cannabis. In belongs to a class of ingredients called cannabinoids, to which THC also belongs. However unlike THC, CBD produces no mind-altering effects and is highly medicinal. It's the major non-psychoactive compound of the plant, and is responsible for the majority of positive health benefits marijuana smokers experience. In it's isolated state, CBD is an incredibly effective (and virtually side effect free) natural treatment for an ever-growing list of mental and physical health concerns. 


It sort of feels like the benefits of CBD are never-ending. To date, researchers are found CBD to be an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticonvulsant ,antiemetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent. It's proven to be a remarkable treatment for those suffering from: chronic pain (whatever the cause), chronic inflammation, mental health imbalances, anxiety + panic disorder, cancer, nausea, epilepsy, migraines, neurological disorders, ALS, diabetes, and heart disease. There's a plethora of medical + scientific research documenting these claims, much of which is linked accordingly in this article. 

Personally, I use CBD as an anxiety treatment. If you've been reading the Journal for a bit, you've heard me mention my struggles with anxiety, panic, and general mental health ups-and-downs. Though I am well on the road to recovery and generally feel better-than-ever, I continue to have my great days, my okay days, and my not-so-okay days. Coincidentally, I'm currently experiencing a bout of the latter. Our health ebbs and flows, and for this reason it's very important to me to have an ever-expanding arsenal of tools to naturally help ease discomfort and restore balance. Whether I am feeling stressed + ungrounded at the end of a long day, or dealing with something a bit deeper, CBD has become a go-to for reeling in the wild thoughts + feelings and promoting a greater sense of relaxation + wellness.  


CBD is most typically found in oil form - though there's some really rad topical products available here that I also love and use. For daily use, I usually opt for a dose of the oil under my tongue, or blend it into a smoothie or tonic. However, it's especially fun to mix the oil in when making sweet treats for an ultra-medicinal take on "edibles".



Grab-and-go snacking is my jam, and there's nothing better than a fresh batch of energy bites to fuel a busy day. This particular mix tastes like cookie dough, and is completely refined sugar- and gluten-free, as well as vegan and paleo. I spiked the recipe with a few doses of CBD oil for a feel-good boost, but this can be left out if you prefer. A bit of mucuna puriens was added as well because it's a potent mood-booster and bio-avaiable + natural source of neurotransmitter L-dopa. Also *technically* optional is the raw chocolate coating, but it takes like 1 minute to whip up and don't be insane - the chocolate is necessary. 

  • 1/2 cup raw cashews
  • 2 tbsp almond meal 
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 5 pitted medjool dates
  • 1/4 cup unrefined coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp mucuna puriens (optional)
  • 3 droppers (about 2100 mg) of CBD oil tincture 

TO MAKE: Combine all ingredients into your food processor or high-speed blender. Blend and combine until mixture forms a "dough". Using your hands, roll segments of the dough into small balls, and place on a flat surface. Allow the energy bites to chill covered in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Optional (but so worth it): whip up a quick batch of raw chocolate sauce and drizzle over to your energy bites. You may need to do a few coats to form a thick chocolate shell. Again, cover and chill for a few hours.

Will last up to 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. Recipe makes 10 energy bites.

I love seeing what you create and getting your feedback on recipes! Leave any comments below, and be sure to follow me on Instagram and tag photos you post of my recipes with #SOLFULhealth so I can see!

The Experience: Far Infrared Therapy

Photo of Daria Werbowy by Mikael jansson

Photo of Daria Werbowy by Mikael jansson

Far Infrared Therapy and infrared saunas have long been a ritual in my personal healing + self-care practice. While attending college in Charleston, I interned at an Eastern medicine spa and wellness center that, among many incredible healing modalities and offerings, housed an infrared sauna. Hopping in for a 30-60 minute sweat became part of my daily routine and initiated a lot of physical + mental healing during a period of imbalance + unwellness for me (because you know, college). 

More recently, one of my favorite local S. Florida wellness spots, Choosing Transitions Float Studio (which is a must try if you've never been), began offering infrared sauna sessions and I could not be more excited about it. Though daily sessions are no longer possible for me time wise, I make it a point to stop in at least once a week for a thorough detox and recharge. Because I've received quite a few messages + questions about infrared therapy and it's benefits, I wanted to take this opportunity to share the science behind the modality and the benefits I've personally experienced. 


Though Far Infrared Therapy has only just recently become mainstream here in the West, heat therapy has been utilized as a healing modality across various cultures + traditions for thousands of years. Sweating is incredibly therapeutic and healing for nearly all our systems + bodily functions. Infrared saunas (and other far infrared therapies) utilize a combination of heat and light to warm the body's core temperature and facilitate detoxification. Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are actually light waves that, while invisible to the naked human eye, are able to easily + immediately penetrate the body. What sets infrared saunas apart from more traditional saunas is that instead of just heating the air around you, FIR are able to penetrate deep into the body to raise your core temperature directly, which is far more beneficial and effective. 


The benefits of Far Infrared Therapy feel nearly endless. Because it is heating + detoxifying the body from the inside out, you are eliminating on average about 7x more toxins than if you were to sweat in a traditional sauna. These light rays are actually able to reach our cells on an individual level, working to alter our cell membranes and mitochondrial activity, which results in dramatic + positive changes in our body chemistry. This therapy allows us to to sweep our cells and bodies clean of heavy metals, endocrine disrupters, inflammation, and disease.

DETOXIFICATION  | The rise in our body's core temperature stimulates the production of sweat, which of course is a major mode of detoxification. Accumulated toxins within the body are forced out, freeing up our energy for deep + long-lasting healing. These healing light rays are even able to eliminate some of the electromagnetic toxins we take in from our phones + other technologies. With that said, be sure to make this a phone-free space.

HORMONE BALANCE | Infrared heat stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which serves to reduce stress and promote calm on a physiological level within the mind and body. Activation of this system has a wide range of positive effects on both mental + physical health, as we know how truly detrimental and destructive chronic stress can be. Similarly, Far Infrared Therapy reduces the production of cortisol, our body's stress hormone that keeps us feeling perpetually stressed out. For these reasons, this modality is a really effective tool for healing adrenal fatigue and other stress- and hormone-related  issues. 

IMPROVED CARDIOVASCULAR FUNCTION | FIR increase circulation, decrease inflammation, and normalize blood pressure, setting the scene for improved cardiovascular function and healing.

REDUCED INFLAMMATION | Because infrared heat works on the cellular level, it's an effective means of reducing inflammation within the entire body. Those suffering from inflammation-related disorders of any kind will see improvements, and many report dramatic decreases in (and elimination of) joint, arthritic, and chronic pain. 

CLEANS + CLEARS SKIN | Infrared heat is incredibly healing for the skin. The pores are detoxified, inflammation is reduced, and increased circulation brings fresh and nutrient-rich blood to the skin's surface. FIR also stimulate the production of collagen, which we know is the ultimate skin-healer and beauty-booster. 

SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS | The rise in core temperature increases our metabolic activity, and we actually go into calorie-burning mode during the process. Most us will end up burning 600-1200 calories per 60 minute session. 

INCREASED IMMUNITY | The healing frequencies of FIR paired with the rise in our core temperature (essentially mimicking a fever) result in the elimination of disease-causing microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and infections) within the body. Anytime I feel a cold coming on, I head straight to the sauna and almost always feel back to normal the following day.


Here in Palm Beach, Choosing Transitions is my go-to. In addition to the infrared sauna, they also house a sensory deprivation float tank (!) and ionic foot detox (another favorite of mine). It's a sweet little hideaway for healing + restoration.

Another local must-try for infrared healing is Haute Yoga's new Jupiter studio, which uses infrared heating panels for a deeper, more effective sweat + detox. You can catch me teaching there Mondays + Fridays at 7 am, and practicing in the healing heat nearly every day of the week. 

When in New York, I'm a Higher Dose devotee.

There are infrared saunas popping up everywhere, so be sure to explore your local community to find one nearby.