As a plant-based chef and recipe developer, Kate creates original + inventive recipes for editorials, publications, and campaigns. Her recipe and development style are best known for their creativity and accessibility, and embodiment of the farm-to-table movement. In addition to tasting delicious and embracing beautiful aesthetics, each of her recipes draw upon Kate's background in nutrition, and are designed to elevate the health of both mind and body. In addition to editorial and branded recipe development work, Kate is also available to develop recipes and menus for retreats, events, gatherings + weddings looking to incorporate a whole foods and health-conscious perspective. 


As a food photographer and wellness journalist, Kate works with publications, businesses, and brands to create unique and captivating visual + written content. She corresponds and creates on a variety of health, nutrition, food, natural beauty, and holistic lifestyle topics. With a background in nutrition, her work reflects a deeply knowledgable and intuitive perspective of the wellness world paralleled by few. Kate's work has been featured on MindBodyGreen, The FeedFeed, Free + Native, Sakara Life, and The Palm Beacher, among many other online and print publications. For examples of Kate's writing and photography, swing by her online Journal and recently published work, or reach out for samples.



Kate loves discovering, connecting with, and sharing products and brands that embody the Solful Health vision + lifestyle. Partnering with conscious and mindful brands creating nourishing, holistic, and chic products is a cornerstone of the Solful Health platform. This includes food products, cosmetics, skincare, houseware, kitchenware, garments, herbs + supplements, and more. 


Kate works alongside photographers, chefs, event coordinators, and editorial teams to create picture-perfect scenes of food (and beyond). Her styling aesthetic draws upon the freshness, wild elegance, and organic shapes and designs founds nature. For samples of Kate’s styling work, swing by her portfolio and Journal. Unless otherwise noted, all photos + styling are credited to Kate.


Within the culinary field, Kate is best known for creating healthy yet delicious fare, with a focus on simple, seasonal ingredients. In this way, she allows the food to truly shine through in a straightforward yet striking way. Kate elevates classic dishes in a way that feels inventive, tastes delicious, and embraces mind-body health. Her plant-based creations have been known to convert even the most aprehensive of palates into vegetable lovers, with each dish designed to simultaneously taste amazing and nourish the mind + body. Cheffing services are available for small gatherings and events.