sol-ful /sōlfəl/ (adj.): possessing the vibrancy, radiance, and energy of the sun

Solful Health is a holistic lifestyle company + journal on a mission to support + inspire your healthiest, happiest, and most radiant life. Positioned at the intersection of 'natural' and 'modern', the ethos behind Solful Health is rooted in a firm belief that how we eat and how we live are direct indications of how we'll feel - in mind, body, and heart. Here you'll find an abundance of inspired + nutritionally-designed recipes, lifestyle tips, expert nutrition advice, and holistic practices to elevate your daily life. The intention behind Solful Health is to hold space for those seeking clarification, inspiration, and growth within the realms of physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Created by Kate McCabe - a yoga teacher, plant-based chef, and wellness journalist with an academic and professional background in nutrition.