sol-ful /sōlfəl/ (adj.): possessing the vibrancy, radiance, and energy of the sun

SOLFUL HEALTH is an online journal sharing a modern, elevated, and delicious expression of holistic living and mental wellness. Positioned at the intersection of 'natural' and 'modern', the ethos behind Solful Health is rooted in a firm belief that how we eat and how we live are direct indications of how we'll feel - in mind, body, and heart. 

Spanning food, beauty, health, travel, and lifestyle, Solful Health is a destination for all things wellness, dedicated to the deliciousness and simplicity of the everyday holistic life. Here you'll find an abundance of inspired + nutritionally-designed recipes, lifestyle tips, expert nutrition advice, and holistic practices to elevate your daily life. The intention behind the Solful Health is to hold space for those seeking clarification, inspiration, and growth within the realms of physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

As a plant-based chef, nutrition expert, yoga teacher, and lifestyle journalist, founder + content curator Kate McCabe created a unified voice for her pursuits in Solful Health. Kate’s work has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Free + Native, The FeedFeed, Palm Beacher Magazine, and Sakara Life, among many other online + print publications.